Muscles stinging

Muscles stinging

I am supposed to be run 4 times a week (3 x 5 and a 10)! Being ridiculous I have not stuck to the programme and this week have done 3 x 6 and a 12! Serves me right that I am sitting on the couch now with a blanket over my sore legs and contemplating a hot bath when I feel able to make it to the bathroom! No serious injury but just what I deserved. Still, 12 km, pretty happy with my woodland amble.

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  • 'the wages of sin is death" - but the wages of transgressing the programme is worse ;)

    Hope you are fully recovered soon :)

  • Rest day tomorrow and a hot bath will do me good! Hope to be back to "normal" by Monday! I enjoy running nowadays, so four times a week is better than three and it is more fun to squeeze in a 6 than a 5!

  • Good long soak is what you need.

  • Feeling very energetic now, could even go for another run but Max my dog needed walking so I took him for a sniff and he did the running!!

  • Training plans are only a guide and of course you can exceed their recommendations, but most of us only learn the hard way. Be careful, Mollie.

  • Too late for you now but I was advised to put my legs up high immediately after a long run. Something about stopping 'blood pooling' in my legs which I only partially understand.

    So I lie on my back with my feet in the air while I wait for the cold water to run off the shower. Then if it's been a really good run, I do it again before I get dressed too

    It's certainly helped me.

  • I love the idea of laying with my legs in the air after a run πŸ˜‚ My dogs would too and would happily spend an hour washing my face neck and ears πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ They already think that is the only reason I lay on the floor to stretch.!

  • Ah ok, I hadn't thought about animals or small children but your post conjures up a lovely (if wet and sticky) picture OldPossum !

    Maybe behind a locked bathroom door for five minutes?

  • Gosh that's a lot of mileage! (kilometerage doesn't sound quite right, somehow :D ) Hope the legs are good to go again soon!

  • Take care! No fun to be had on the injury couch.

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