Mind tricks work every time!

Mind tricks work every time!

I didn't manage a long (10k) run at the weekend as I just had no time. So I went out tonight in all my reflective gear and headtorch and told myself I would be happy with 5km. But if I felt ok, I might run on a bit more. When I plodded through to 5, I felt ok and thought I might go to 6 and then go down to a run walk for the rest to 10k. But when I reached 6, I thought "why not just keep going and see if I can slowly reach 10k?" Which I did. Tricked myself again πŸ˜€ Do you ever use self mind trickery, share your tips!!

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  • What you've described is exactly how I managed my first ever 10k :) I was also out of sync with my runs, thought oh I'll try a 5k see where it takes me, and then the rest followed :)

  • What a terrific run! Brilliant result.

    Happy running πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • That sounds a great run Joolie! Your mind tricks obviously worked. The only trick I use is to remind myself "this is supposed to be fun and you can stop at any time". But I never do 😊

  • Well done! It was quite nice out tonight wasn't it. I got quite toasty. My lamp failed on me though so my run was a bit gloomy to say the least. I ran down an unlit road. I couldn't see my legs and feet. Ha ha

  • I worry about falling as I have tripped three times before 😣

  • Yes, mind games with the gremlins.. like I'll get to that landmark, corner, tree or lamppost and stop, but carry on and say, I lied!😁

  • Tee hee!!

  • Wow! Well done you :) :) :)

  • Used exactly the same mind trick today and did my first 10k! So thrilled!

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