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My problem is, I just have so many running tops that I wear too many layers when I go out. It is pretty mild today for example, so I put a short sleeved, a long sleeved top, my zip up long sleeved top too. Then I saw it was raining, so a shower proof jacket on top of that, plus gloves, hat and neck thingie. With all that on, plus a 10k run, it was way too much by about 2 layers. Saw a couple of men wearing shorts and t shirt (short sleeved)!

How do you wear the right amount of clothing - my wardrobe is half full of running clothing!

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  • I typically wear a long sleeved wicking top with a long sleeved running hoody or waterproof shell, full length leggings and a head band ear warmer thing. If it is really cold at just above freezing I will add a vest and gloves. By the time I am running I have my sleeves pulled up and my hoody or shell zip right down lol. I see some people in shorts and t-shirt and it makes me feel cold. I can't stand too many layers and have no idea how people run in fleecy tracksuits and sweaters!

  • That is just like me. I have some great running gear, made for the job, so I wear it and enjoy it. I have seen people running in heavy joggers too, must be roasting! Bless them

  • Up to freezing point I would only wear maximum a t-shirt and a thin jacket. Down to about minus 10 I would make that a long-sleeved running shirt instead of the t-shirt. Under minus 5 I would add a second layer under my leggings. Gloves are only needed under zero (and they come off quite quickly) and I hate hats, but wear them if it gets too cold. No scarves or buffs as they make me way too hot. I still get back drenched in sweat!

    I decided to add a second layer of leggings after going out on Monday in my normal clothes (which also have a hole at the knee from one of my many falls!) at a temperature of minus 13. That was a bit cold! Temperatures here in the morning of minus 9 just about all week!

    I hope it warms up soon!

  • They obviously make runners of tough stuff where you are! It was 7.5C this morning here and I still wore a long-sleeved top and a hoody!

  • Think I overdid it this week, because I now have a cold. But I really don't like it too warm - I tell the Germans it's because I'm English and we get our summer gear out as soon as the temperature hits 10 degrees! All that going to school in school uniform with bare knees come rain or shine. But really it's because of the layer of blubber I have between me and the weather!

  • I hope you shift the cold. I enjoy running in the freezing temperatures...but I need to be wrapped up.

  • You are tough! Well done for facing the cold with such bravery. I don't usually sweat much unless I wear way too much. I like my neck to be cosy and my fingers too!

  • I don't really have a choice - if I want to run in winter I have to take it as it comes! This year was a bit extreme though!

  • I sorted through mine when my husband came out into the garden to tell me that our clothes rail had collapsed under the weight of all my running gear. Ha ha So I had a cull. Well, I didn't but I did some filing. The ones I don't need become gardening/dog walking tops

    I bought a long-sleeved merino base layer from Aldi and wear that with a thin run jacket. It was really cold yesters so I popped a tee over the merino base layer.

    It's so ruddy annoying when you get overdressed but something you will get better at guessing the more running you do. Trial and error sorta thing. I drove myself mad keeping making the same mistake each time. Grrr!

    So, you could get a merino top. Mine was Β£15.99 from Aldi. Another lady posted about hers the other day. She'd dyed hers from the grey to a lovely purple

    I have also just ordered (for Β£12 from the Next sale) a very slightly padded run gilet (coral colour).This will give me a few extra pockets but keep me a bit warmer. I find the only bit of me that gets really cold is my lower back

  • It's taken me a little while to work out what I find most comfortable, I've always hated anything 'flappy', generally for winter it's long leggings - mainly because of mud etc.,, but I do have a lovely soft lined pair that are warm, they come out if the temp is below 6c .....I'm currently really enjoying a long sleeve wicking base layer with short sleeve running shirt over the top, gloves are added if nearer freezing, plus a buff, again if below 6c.

    I am finding that with the longer runs I do tend to cool down again, so don't tend to take off gloves and buff - I've become a bit more tolerant as I know the further I get into the run I'll be grateful for the light covering on my skin, especially if it's a bit breezy.

    For rain it would be a peaked cap - (glasses wearer) and my fave running jacket, but only a short sleeve running shirt underneath - unless it's really, really cold.

    I like to have stuff I can easily take off, tie round my waist etc., in case I get it wrong.......πŸ˜„


  • I need to wear less I think but I don't like being cold but sweaty and too hot is also pretty uncomfortable!

  • Wear clothes as if it were 10degrees warmer than it is! I was derailed on my run the other day because I overdressed. Better too cold than too warm in my book, and it is amazing the difference keeping your extremities warm makes. So, a t-shirt works well but combined with gloves. A buff is nice a flexible. If it is pouring rain I might wear my running rain jacket, but this really comes down to temperature, if it is still mild, then I'd rather get wet. The more layers, the less breathable they become.

    So today it was full length leggings (only because the 3/4s were still wet from the wash) and a t-shirt, with gloves. Gloves were not really needed. Quite mild here today.

    On colder days I'll go for a long sleeve fleece lined top, and a jacket on top of that if we're talking really really cold, but otherwise, running warms me up and I hate overheating. I always wear leggings, but don't really care if they're 3/4 or full length when it is cold, whichever is nearer to hand. Though as it gets warmer, the full length definitely get put away.

  • I know that whatever the outside temperature I am going to be hot and sweaty after about half a k. Today at 6c I was just right with a short sleeved T shirt and long tights. By 10C I need to be in a vest and capris. For less than 0C I might put on a long sleeved top. My dress mantra which I read somewhere is 'Be Bold, Start Cold'. I do love a buff though....

  • I like my fingers to be cosy, also my neck and head. Think I could certainly wear less layers most days, going to try and be braver!

  • I only ever wear two layers in the winter time. A thin base layer and a thicker thermal top. I hate being too hot and would rather shiver for the warm up and then feel comfortable for the rest of the run.

    And I really don't get why runners go out bare legged because their muscles would be very cold for most of the run and that's just a short route to injury IMHO!

  • I will follow your lead, one thin long sleeved top and a warmer long sleeved top, that's all (plus my hat and gloves)! Hope the temperature keeps above freezing!

  • Oh yes definitely ears and hands covered!

  • I was surprised by how mild it was this morning. Last week it was brassic so I dug out the long running leggings. Way too warm for that today (plus v windy, which made me sweat even more!). Hat and gloves came off almost immediately. I'm MUCH better when it's about 2 degrees. The best running temperature. Who knew?! Also I had to give up and walk for a bit this morning down the A1 as the glare of the sun off the pavement was too much and was making my eyes hurt. Had to walk with one hand shielding my eyes. So what I'm saying is, I run best when it's grey, dull and just above freezing. Which is about 4 weeks a year! Oh well ....

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