Bridge to 10K


After my first park run of the year yesterday which was a great lovely bright morning and I surprised myself with a sub 30 minute time ( my training post Xmas has been a struggle), I spent the full Sunday afternoon procrastinating about my planned 10k. I just couldn't drag myself out of my chair

At about 5.30 my wife gave me the pep talk that I would be annoyed with myself all week for not going out and to go and get ready.

Well that's me back in. Didn't manage the 10k but had a strong 5 mile run and I am feeling great.

This should set me up for the week.

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The hardest part its getting out of the door sometimes. Kudos to your wife for knowing which button to press. And congrats for the sub-30 min park run!

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Sometimes we all have days like that, and that's ok. Well done for seeing sense eventually, it always feel great when you complete something you thought you didn't want to do.

congrats also on the sub 30, that's excellent!

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