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Wonder if anyone else felt like this. I started c25k in Feb and graduated in May. I then did a few weeks consolidation, then downloaded zenlabs 10k app. I'm nearly at the end of that so am running about 7K 3 times a week and have pushed 2 runs to 10K as I have a 10K race for life in a week's time.

I love running but seriously didn't want to go out on Friday and didn't. Made myself on Saturday but was dreading it. It actually was a good run as I did a fast 5K then turned my tracker off for the rest. I'd told myself if I didn't want to do anymore than 5, I could come home. I didn't and enjoyed it, but does anyone else fall out of love with running and get daunted by longer distances?

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  • Most of us built up to 10k by increasing one run per week, within the 10% rule, while keeping the other two weekly runs shorter, say 5k or intervals. This way 5k becomes a maintenance run that keeps everything working without taking too much out of you, leaving you with plenty in the tank for your longer run.

    I understand your lack of enthusiasm for a run and will admit to feeling the same when l started to go beyond 10 miles.........the joy was not there on every run and some became pure slog. The answer is simple .....stop doing what you don't enjoy. Training plans are the worst for this, making you feel trapped by their demands. I only lasted a week on a 10k training plan and found a DIY version was more flexible and suited my personality much better. In my opinion many plans are better suited to "serious" runners and we newbies need to cut a bit of slack and build ourselves up much more gradually. Most marathon runners l know have adapted existing plans to suit themselves.

    I am also convinced that the newbie also needs a gentler tapering with less demand, than the plans suggest. This is based on my personal observation of PBs popping up after a good rest from running.

    Keep running (but not too much), keep smiling.

  • Great advice.

  • I graduated then went straight into a (~40 minute) 5K every other day. It was fantastic but exhausting. Quite simply I did too much too soon. I had an enforced 2 week period due to non-running related injuries and since then my runs have been much better, faster and more pleasant.

    As IannodaTruffe suggests, a little bit of too much too soon?

  • I agree with both the replies above. We have to be careful not to lose 'the love' by expecting too much of our new runner status! I do know that slightly daunted feeling myself, if I'm honest. I have found this before a couple of 10ks recently. Last week I felt it before my weekly long run and decided just to go out and 'run'. Taking the pressure off helped enormously and I lost that feeling of pressure, but ended up doing a 10k anyway! Like many others my shorter runs are usually 5k. I don't think the muggy weather has helped me either - I loved running through the winter and nothing puts a smile on my face like a muddy puddle or two to splash through!

  • Thanks guys. I'll do my 10k race then cut myself some slack. Glad others feel the same and did wonder whether I was pushing it a bit quickly.

  • Well the answer for me is both yes and no! I totally respect the C25K programme and it took me from being a non runner to being able to run for 30 minutes in 9 weeks - awesome! I can't say I enjoyed running whilst in the programme, there were one or two amazing runs when I felt like a gazelle but mostly like a hippo on dry land! I often wondered "when will I enjoy running?" Not entirely convinced even after graduating for 3 months I can say yes but that is mostly my own fault.

    Once I could stumble for 5k, the possibilities of new places to run opened up and I discovered the fields, tracks and woods and definitely enjoy started to increase. Even after a slog of a run, I enjoy the feeling of having achieved something amazing, of having taken charge of my health improvement

  • I often feel daunted before a run, no matter the distance, and sometimes even start to get anxious about it the night before. I am building up to a HM in September and convinced I won't reach my targets but unless there is good reason usually do and like you find it's usually good. I just think the gremlins start early sometimes and have to tell myself - I know I can do this because I already have. Good luck with the 10k.

  • Whilst I am nowhere near running 10 k I also have days when I almost have to lever myself out of the door to go for a run. Once I've started it's not too bad but I am basically a very lazy person and I really have to exert some self control to get myself out there.

  • Yes, I am inherently lazy - I make myself when I laugh when I talk about doing these longer distances as it's just not me!!

  • Two minds with but a single thought ! ;-)

  • Well I ditched the training app and just went out for a run to see where I wanted to go. It seems I wanted to run to the coast. Had a lovely run tonight, took it slow and steady and managed 10K relatively easily. I think it helped that I'd only planned to do 5 so mentally the fact I chose to carry on because I wanted to really helped. 10k race for life next week!

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