Heartburn during running

Hi all,

I have started running more seriously since the Christmas break. I used to do 3 km and feel like I was dying, but now I can do 7 km quite easily! It's really exciting for me.

Yesterday however I got a pretty bad heart burn while I was doing my run. The feeling stayed with me the whole evening. I never get heart burns, I have only had it once before that I can remember. Could it be because I had very salty food in the afternoon (lots of crisps)? Or that I didn't drink a lot before starting to run?

Any advice welcome!

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  • It's probably because crisps are oily, and lots of oil generates heart burn.

  • Yes, I'm pretty sure it was the crisps!

  • Should only eat 1-2 hrs before running, avoid eating crisps & pastries, Spicey fatty foods a lot. You could have a couple of Rennie's before you run.

    If you start getting heartburn a lot then you can get some Omeprazole from doctor, I take it, it's brilliant..

  • The strange thing is that I had food 4 to 5 hours before running, I thought it would be fine by then. I did feel very thirsty the whole time I was running, but I did not have a bottle of water with me, so just kept going. Maybe it's the combination of both fatty foods and not enough water?

  • Could be, always make sure you're well hydrated before running, and carry a few antacid tablets, heartburn's horrid...

  • Crisps are salty as well as oily. Maybe you were a bit dehydrated. the moral is don't eat lots of crisps 😊

  • Unless you are absolutely sure it was heartburn - I would be visiting the Doctor and telling him/her about this. mayoclinic.org/diseases-con... -- as the article from the Mayo Clinic says " Heartburn and heart attack can be hard to tell apart!!"

  • As said get it checked out! Hopefully it's nowt! I suffer from heartburn sometimes and find that a heaped teaspoon of bicarb dissolved in a small glass of milk puts me right because the alkalinity of the bicarb neutralises the acid in my stomach. A few good belches :o and I'm comfortable again...xx

  • I find particularly if there is msg in them they will give me heartburn. The other thing that you may want to avoid is coffee before you run as one of the side effects are that its very acidic!! Rennies are great take them on the next run

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