Greedy running!

When I was running three times a week, life was good and I had graduated and even managed to creep up to a once a week 10k run each week. Then someone on the forum talked about running four times a week. That got me thinking, maybe I could get greedy? I was covering 2 x 5 + 10 Km so 20 Kms per week. I planned to move to 4 x 5 km to see how my legs coped but I decided to be very greedy and now I am doing 4 x 6 km, so 24 yummy Kms per week (naughty I know)! Are you a greedy runner and how do you stretch your running times or distances??

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  • I want to be a greedy runner, but my body can't keep up!

  • I used to be but did too much and ended up crocked with shin splints, so am a tad less gung-ho these days

    If I have a planned 5k I do that, and if I have time, I tag some more on the end. While I have the gear on I might as well have a good run 😊 I got bleepin drowned yesterday πŸ˜„

  • I run pretty slowly, 7.30 minutes per km and I always rest well too. Good pair of sturdy legs seem to be fine

  • I run every other day usually, so 3 times one week, 4 the next, so I always have a rest day. Or if I'm going to run on consecutive days I keep the distance down. There's fun in short runs too!

  • I know I thought about it prior to my various problems, I guess it is different for everyone, all sorts of factors could affect how often we can run and how our bodies react.

    If it works for you go with it but I would still taper it down once evey 3 or 4 weeks to let your body Recover ☺

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