An ankle work out

We had a lot of snow in Munich about 10 days ago. It's been topped up now and then overnight but most of it has gone in town, not so on the outskirts where I run. Last night the temperature dropped and an icy wind came up so that all those melted puddles, all that slushy snow froze into solid ice. Then a couple of centimetres of new snow fell on top. This made for a very challenging long run today. Parts of it were sheet ice (although I find it easier to run on ice than walk) and in the woods the snow was ridged and rutted so it was almost impossible to put your foot down straight. My ankles got an excellent workout! Fortunately I am not prone to twisted ankles, but it was hard work. Anyway another 7km banked in my legs, an invigorating, if tiring, run behind me, a blast of cold air to blow all the cobwebs away and make me feel good. I can now look forward to an evening with friends (and too much food and drink!).

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  • Enjoy! You earned it πŸ˜€

  • I agree - easier to run on ice rather than walk. Hard going on the muscles though, hope the ankles feel better soon.

  • The ankles are actually fine. Might be a bit stiff in the morning. Was still up for another jog to catch a train this evening, so everything OK.

  • You're an ice skating β›Έ princess. Glad you made it without falling or straining anything.

  • Not as elegant as an ice-skating princess. The only time I nearly fell over was when I was walking at the end. Is it still icy in Copenhagen?

  • Makes for some great Zen running. You really have to keep your mind focused on the path in front of you. I am sure it is very good for us. That's what I'm telling myself anyway!

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