Never trust an app

Never trust an app

Despite all my "promises" I didn't get out running yesterday. After 13.5 km of walking and being not at my best due to an excellent New Years Eve party I decided I'd probably stumble around in the dark and end up doing myself a mischief. Wasn't too enthusiastic today either but I decided to go out when my husband went to work at 3 pm. "It's not supposed to rain, is it?" I asked him, peering at a lowering sky. "No, no" he flourished an app at me as proof and we headed out, him to the train station, me on my warm up walk. Cold, it was. Unpleasant, windy, grey - basically horrible. I inwardly cursed c25k. And as I trotted off it started to snow. I got soaked, I had no head covering and the run was not great as it was more run walk. But it snowed heavily the whole time and in no time everything was white and the snow was crunching under my trainers and it was so beautiful! I sang out loud, beamed all over my face, people smiled when they saw me - they must have thought I was mad! I covered 8.4 km, but only about 5 km was running. So, never trust an app. And always take a cap of some kind. And sometimes a run which is more like a walk can be one of the most enjoyable!

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  • It looks lovely , what part of the country are you in ? If in fact you are in the uk ??

  • Actually in Munich, Germany. Snow is not that rare, although there hasn't been much the last few winters.

  • Beautiful picture! What a reward for getting out there! Well doneπŸ™‚

  • Ha...that looks beautiful jaysee, cold and wet but exhilarating at the same time.

    🎡Crunching through the snow... on a January day..over the fields and lanes...running all the way.. I can hear Laura... singing away, oh what fun it is to run in Germany today..🎢( to the tune of jingle bells🎢)

    Happy New Year xxx

  • Aww, thank you - my own personal song! Happy New Year to you and yours too!

    Look forward to our running adventures in 2017!

  • Ooh we've had a bit of rain here but no snow, maybe they're falling from the same clouds though. I think snow does tend to not obey weather forecasts. Glad you survived and kept your sense of humour :)

  • Beautiful, photo and lovely post! I love snow.. which I guess is fine for me, who does not have to plough through it any more to get to work!

    As for the weather... well, it seems to just suit itself doesn't it ?

    I tend to wake up and see what it is doing... which is why I often get wet, because it starts dry and then rains!!!! :)

    Happy Running :)

  • Lovely post, and what a beautiful photo. πŸŒ¨β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

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