It's cold out there

It's cold out there

We've had temperatures from minus 6 to minus 10 C every day and all day this week here in Munich. I make myself get out first thing in the morning on work days - no discussion, but weekends my resolve falters. Getting a run in and a longish walk with hubby is a challenge. First of all there's the lie-in, then it was minus 11 this morning, so lunch first, then a wait, then a walk etc., etc. And then it's so cold. And then it's nearly dark. My walk yesterday was fantastic in the snow and sunshine. The lakes are frozen and people are out there ice-skating and playing ice-hockey. The life-savers were obviously practising rescuing people who had broken through the ice because they were trying to make a hole in the ice. Not easy! Despite 2 of them jumping up and down on a likely spot, nothing happened. They had to get a pick-axe. I did not envy the guy who eventually went into the water, but he didn't seem bothered! Brrrrr. (See pictures)

I finally ran at 4 this afternoon, just a short 6.5 km to appease my conscience. It is so cold! My glasses steamed and then iced up. My nose streams, blowing it puts me off my breathing. And yet I still get back drenched in sweat. Plus my phone keeps dying on me and not recording the whole run, because it's too cold. Now that does annoy me! I need a heated cover for my phone. So that's 4 runs in the freezing cold this week. They are exhilarating, slow and very challenging. In the mornings everything is icy, so I've got to be careful. During the day when the sun shines it's sometimes so bright on the snow I can't see the path. I feel a bit like an accident waiting to happen. Doesn't stop me running though.

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  • Lovely, lovely lovely... The snow and the sunshine. and this image of you running along.. all glowing and healthy!!! Steamed up and snotty or not :)

    Love the 'short 6.5K'... I love saying..just a quick 5K... how far we have come..( you more than me) !

    So cold there, but it looks so beautiful.. we have had damp yukkiness all day.. apart from an hour or so of light snow this morning, which turned into rain..:(

    A tad jealous, but glad you got such a lovely run in.. :)

  • Sorry, OldFloss - I beg to differ here! You are doing better than me - your times are fantastic and I am not even close. But we're not in a competition and that's the lovely thing about running!

  • You are lovely..It is the best thing isn't it..we just run..however it takes us..πŸ™‚ I just think you are greatπŸ™‚

    iI am hoping if I feel a bit less lurgied tomorrow.just to do a walk.and suss out a new route πŸ™‚

  • Oh my word! What a winter you are having! Gorgeous pictures and big well done for still making it out there to run!☺

  • Yes, a proper winter this year. Doesn't always happen. It's a bit too cold at the moment and there's no end in sight. So I'll just have to live with it!

  • Looks glorious - but can see it could interfere with the outdoor exercise.

  • What gorgeous pictures! However I am not sure I would fancy running in such cold temperatures, my nose is running at 2 degree C let alone below freezing! Well done for getting out there.

  • You are just brilliant jaysee, 😊I think conditions like that would justify not going running. Sooo cold and difficult underfoot.. (you should see me walking in snow like that, scared of falling I look about 90 tottering along).

    Take care and happy

  • If I don't run in this I might have to wait till April. And that's too long. So I suppose I just have to get on with it. Thanks for your encouragement!

  • Yes! Blooming cold! Brass Monkees! Taters! We in the UK are getting it coming up from down your way! Please stop sending it JaySee! Lovely photos though!😁

  • Minus 12 this morning. I would love to get rid of it in your direction - it might warm up over the sea😈 Seems to be coming straight from Siberia here! Stay warm and safe!

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