6am this morning by myself - Karawatha Forest. 3 goals 1. don't get lost. 2. Don't die. 3. Find the car at the end. I used a GPS runners app that tells me where to turn left, turn right, etc on the various tracks in the forest. It worked great. I did wonder how well GPS would work in there?? I ran when I could and walked when I had to - bit hilly. I spent around 5 minutes looking at the scenery in one place and another 5 minutes at the end when I forgot to turn my watch off. Didn't see a single soul over the whole 9.3 klms. - or an animal or a bird - did see a big spider though!!! My hydration belt with the 3 small bottles decided it no longer wanted to work properly and the bottles kept falling out of their holders every couple of minutes or so - other than that it was a fairly uneventful run. Would not like to be in that forest in the middle of summer (which it is now) at noon!!!

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  • That sounds absolutely magical. Even the name, Karawatha Forest ☺ And you achieved ALL your goals. What a fabulous run! (not even going to think about the spider)😲

  • Sounds like a great run Bazza - well done, although it's always nice to see a bit of wildlife isn't it? Bit lonely otherwise!☺

  • Glad you achieved your goals!

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