Christmas Eve Parkrun Tailrunner

Christmas Eve Parkrun Tailrunner

Thought I'd do some shopping on the way round, do you like the pink bag? Suits you Sir!πŸ˜‚ Being tailrunner It was for collecting some of the route marker signs as I went through on the last lap.

Of course it was slow, the last runner seen in the pic runs or should I say fast walks every week at 47-53 mins, but he's not the slowest at this Parkrun, we finished this week in just over 52 mins. I enjoyed it being nice and easy for me, am looking forward to the New years runs, may have a go at doing 2 on NYD.. Happy New running Year to all..😊

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  • Lovely photo Dave.

    Big cheer for the volunteers

    Hip hip, hooray! πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ…πŸΌπŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Great photo Dave, looking very cheerful! :)

  • I will be tailrunner at my local parkrun on New Years Eve. Unfortunately, our slowest take around 60 minutes to complete the course so I am trying to think what I can do to "entertain" myself along the way - or at least turn the hour into some kind of useful exercise. I have been tailrunner many times before and mostly have simply walked (very slowly for me) behind the slowest participant - to be frankly honest, I have never found this to be greatly satisfying. One time I "ran" extremely slowly taking tiny steps - 5 k in one hour. That did reveal some leg muscles that I didn't know I had!! :) I am thinking of trailing right behind this time - about 100 metres behind the slowest, and then sprinting up to them- stopping a little short and walking slowly until I am 100 metres behind them again, rinse and repeat ! The tailrunner is really there simply to make sure that everybody has completed the course and nobody is left stranded along the way.

  • I run tiny slow steps while tail-running. I also stopped to take pictures, which allowed for faster bits.

  • I did a sprint to marshalls post and waited for the last runner or walker to come along, then sprinted ahead on the last lap to remove route markers, gave me something to do..

  • I realise it must be a bit frustrating to be trail runner, it's not a volunteer slot I'd like but the ones at my parkrun stick with the back markers to offer them tips and encouragement and I think it makes a real difference, particularly to some of our first timers.

  • Can hardly offer tips & encouragement to someone who's 74 infirm run over 250 Parkrun's and don't want to talk much while they run! 😊

  • True 😊

  • Suits you sir! πŸ˜† Well done for volunteering x

  • Lovely picture and bag Dave. Ours finished around the same time this week. I'm also double-running NYE so I made sure to sign up for tailrunner again so I hope it's slow again so I'll be fresh for the evening. Never ran twice in a day before. Have you?

  • I'm doing Parkrun on NYE with nephew, then hopefully a double Parkrun NYD again with nephew. I'll get about a half hours break in between the runs while travelling between the 2..No haven't run 2 Parkruns before, just hope I can get to the 2nd one in time!😊

    I don't make a habit of carrying a pink bag! It was for collecting the route marker signs, I probably could have done without it!😁 Good luck on the runs RWD..😊

  • Tailrunner is the favourite volunteer position at my local parkrun - you have to book it weeks ahead!! :)

  • Tailrunner volunteer position is popular at my Parkrun as well, I don't think I want to do it too often, may try pre event set up so I can run as well..

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