Tail runner at Parkrun Christmas Eve

Have volunteered tailrunner on Xmas Eve, so a good chance for me to take an easier option for me, which is needed, as been feeling fatigued out on the road, so thought I'd stop the running in the week for a few weeks, instead do more Cross-Training, then maybe just at Parkrun NYE, and possibly get some new shoes, as think they're needed..

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  • I am tail-running on New Years Eve - followed by a double parkrun the next day on New Years Day!! :)

  • Well done guys ☺ Enjoy yourselves

    I loved being tail runner! So many stories to be told at the back. There's not much talking done by the rest of the field as they save their breath for their run, so it was a chance to listen to people's reasons for being at the back. Injuries, the less able, with walking sticks or poles, and the new runners. Our parkrun now has two tail runners - one to stay back with the less able or injured and another to run with the new runners ☺

  • Yes, looking forward to it.. NYD tailrunner position is still vacant at my Parkrun, thinking about it,but will probably have had a drink NYE 😊

  • Nice one Dave, I'm tail running on New Years Eve, in a special outfit.........!

    Have a good one! (or two in Bazza's case)


  • OOh, I'm planning on doing that one! Ha ha, that's one parkrun you won't beat me on!

  • You wait til you see my outfit! Excellent! We're doing NYD as well - I won't be in the outfit for that....


  • Oh, maybe I meant New Years Day - the 10.30 one? I might even do both...

  • I love tail-running. I'm doing it Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. I also like it as a more relaxed option. I'm racing in the evening on the 31st so it gives me the option of still participating in Parkrun without overdoing it.

    Hope the fatigue is short lived and that some easy running time helps.

  • Yes, I enjoyed it, relaxed, was a tad easier on my legs for a change, I was behind a 74 year old only brisk walking and took just over 52 mins to do the course..

  • I'm just back from Stratford upon Avon parkrun and I was the tailrunner complete with a tinsel tail! I walked and jogged and encouraged a six year old called Martha and her Mum, and it took us about an hour, the first man home was going through the funnel as we were just completing our first circuit of three! Lots of fancy dress including a blind runner in a full reindeer outfit and a family of elves in brilliant costumes complete with bells. I hope everyone has had fun at parkrun today :-)

  • Would like to see your tinsel tail, can you put a photo on?😊

  • Sorry Dave, total fail on the photo front today and I donated the tinsel tail to pr for future use! There might be some pics on our pr photo page, I'll have a look. πŸ˜†

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