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Hi guys,

I'm curious as to whether I'm alone in aching legs the day after every run? I've got an ongoing achilles problem which I'm working on with the physio but just the general ache the day after running is always there.

I know I'm increasing distance and time weekly as I progress to 10k but I wondered if there is a magic solution to recovering faster, some days when I go out I've not recovered from the last run and I'm thinking of going from 3 runs per week to 4 as that what's asics wants me to do. I've tried Epsom salts and stretch after each run.

All advice appreciated even if it's just to say "man up" lol

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  • Paul - a lot depends on age. The training stimulus/rest/ advancement system applies to all of us - but is different for everybody depending on personal circumstances, genetics, age , etc. It is well recognised that the older we get the more recovery/rest we need between training workouts. I have now been running for 3 years - my running log shows me that I have "run" almost 3000 klms over those 3 years , yet I still get "tired" and "sore' after runs. Some weeks i feel enervated - while other weeks not so!! :)

  • I do the Epsom salts bath every run and I think the effects are cumulative

    I take a daily omega 3 fish oil capsule daily, gave up booze and even fruit juice as my joints were aching so much.

    I think it is normal to ache after a run until you are built up, which can take 18-24 months. Go steady!

  • Can't help thinking your trying to recover too quickly, you still have an achilles problem, for now try easing back on the runs, forget about 10 k for now! bollocks (excuse my French)to the Asics plan or any other plan! get yourself sorted first, TAKE IT EASY! there's no manup rubbish, you have to repair! Simples!😊

  • Hey now there's another French word for my reportroi lol

  • The French for bollocks is couilles, pronounced like coo-ee! Just don't shout it at a French man thinking you're saying hello like a friend of mine did...

    You have your rest days, you stretch after your runs, what about your shoes?...I had aching legs recently until I got some new shoes, my old ones look perfectly fine but I guess they're not. How many KM have you done in yours?

    Personally I don't like those Asics plans, I know some swear by them, but I think you'd be crazy to up your weekly runs at this stage. I'd even recommend reducing to two for a couple of weeks, or even taking a couple of weeks off completely. Those that know say you should have a "rest" week every month, that doesn't necessarily mean no running, but an easier week.

    No one wants to take time off from our beloved running, but an injury could put you on the couch for weeks or months...if you feel you've not recovered from the last one you shouldn't run again (IMHO)

  • Well I'm off to the canaries for a week on Sunday and was planning on taking my running gear, maybe I will have a week off. Thanks for the advice.

  • OK so following the advice, I'm taking this week off running and concentrating on stretching that sodding achilles tendon. Next week I will be back to the programme as there's only 5 weeks to my 10k.

  • Sounds like a good plan. Hope the holiday does you good.

  • I'm having some recovery success by wearing compression socks and by using my new massage stick. I wear my compression socks on my run and then after my run.... even sleep in them sometimes as that's when I get the most discomfort.

  • Andy yes I've got some that I wear on long runs I will give wearing them after a run a go.

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