Went out early this morning and started running just before 7am, the early morning mist still cloaking the landscape, a slight breeze in places , pretty much perfect running conditions for me.

The goal was at least 10k , looking at getting to 14k depending on how I felt going along, felt strong in some places and less so in others. Got to the 5k point and had to decide , go on or turn around . Turn around it was, I dont think I am mentally or physically ready to go beyond 10 - 12 km but that is ok . I look back to starting C25K week 1 run 1 and how hard 60 secs running was and now I can run for 60 mins plus , that surpasses everything I could really imagine .

My splits for 10k are pretty consistent and as it is a 10k race in June that is what I am sticking with, hopefully get a bit faster but if not that is ok too.

Yeah I would love to go beyond and get to my 10 mile goal but if not it really isn't the end of the world is it?

We all have limitations I guess the real trick is knowing when you reach them , seems i have learned more than just how to run since starting this amazing journey 😊

Happy running what ever distance or time you do 😊

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  • Seems to me like you need to remove the "slow" bit from your name!! Great splits :)

  • Thanks runningnearbeirut ☺

  • Not slow, Rob! Those are speeds I achieve when I run full out for 2.5 k. Totally not sustainable over 10 k! Have fun!

  • Thanks JaySeeSkinny i am not sure how i do

  • I'd be happy with your limitations Rob! Your last km was even your fastest. How did you manage that?!

  • Hmmm boptillyoudrop49 that is a good question 😊

  • Gosh if I could do those splits for a 10k I would be well pleased. (Haven't actually got to 10k yet but that pace is what I would do for a 5k and that would be pushing it!) Sounds like you are doing brilliantly but perhaps when you are ready for going further you need to slow right down. I am trying to build up to 10k but I have to go at least 30 seconds slower or even a min slower per Km to get there. Sorry it sounds like I am teaching grandma how to suck eggs. I am no expert but the principle has worked for me.

  • You are not far wrong farawaytree74 , when I started to increase my distance my target splits were around 7min/km

    When I am running it seems like I am going slow . Running slower is definitely harder

  • Good post and that's a great run, Rob.

    With that said, many of our limitations are mental.

    I remember a gentle 16K run last year where, the first half felt awful (no energy, hard breathing etc.) but the second half was easy and relaxing. Can't explain things sometimes.

    If you are happy sticking to 10K, that's great, but I am sure the barriers to you enjoying longer distances are not physical ones.

  • Thanks Dunder2004 you are probably right , something to work on for the future

  • Those splits look great to me Rob - what a fab run! 10 miles is my target too as I hope to do a 10 mile event in October. I am also taking it easy and, as of yet, haven't run further than 11k. But do you know what Rob? If I was a betting woman, I'd put money on us both making that 10 mile goal! Best wishesπŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandraj39 I didn't put a timescale on getting to 10 Miles , get my race done then regroup and see where we go

  • Fantastic splits there Slow_Rob. Great post also & you are very wise to acknowledge & accept your current strengths & limitations.

    You'll ace your 10ks for sure then you can move forward.

    Like you, 10 miles is my next goal after my 10ks are done but at the moment no target date.

    Good luck & keep enjoying the journey x

  • Thanks Noaky12 , I am running with a friend who is faster so hopefully will pull me along to a quicker time ☺

    I am sure we will both get there , the harder the journey the more rewarding the finish line will be 😊x

  • Wow ! Those splits are amazing Rob, Cooo I would be so chuffed with that !

    Fantastic run that, be very proud of that one Rob, Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug , I can remember when I wanted splits like those for 5 never mind 10k xxx

  • Yep ! Me too ! :-) xxx

  • We have all come such along way 😊xxx

  • We certainly have , and weve not finished yet ! :-) xxx

  • I still do!!!!!!! πŸ€“πŸ€“

  • Great Times there Slow_Rob and very consistent, something I wish I was good at!

  • Thanks Mat30

  • Awesome Rob, just awesome... Think we've all come a long way 😁

  • Thanks AndyD we have 😊

  • You are well on track for your goal, high five I'd say 😎

  • Thanks ju-ju- , high five 😎

  • You're certainly consistent πŸ˜€. Those are great times, your goal is well within reach - just let your head know who's in charge - hint when running it's your body.

  • Thanks AnnieW55 ☺

  • Blimey Rob that's a running textbook case on how to run consistently. Fab stuff there and speedy Rob has overtaken Slowrob. Btw, I love your attitude to this running thing. You've got it sussed pretty well 😊 and your 10 mile goal will be yours.

  • Aww thanks Irishprincess you are too kind :)

  • Just found this post today Not_So_Slow_Rob. Your splits are amazing, well done Sweetie. :)

    I suspect your limitations are all in your head, m'dear and that physically you're more than capable. It's one of those conundrums, isn't it. How to run further without the 'benefit' of being chased by a lion? In time I guess the 10-12k runs will become routine and then you'll be ready to move on, like you were when 5k became routine. In the meantime it's all practice, practice, practice, not forgetting squats, hills, intervals and, of course, more squats. Take care Sweetie and take time to enjoy and appreciate the achievements and progress you've made so far. xxx

  • Thanks AncientMum , it does take some believing that 10k runs are more the normal now , the previous attempt at 14 didn't go well that is still playing apart .

    Am working on getting stronger on both counts ☺xx

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