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Runners Knee - Any tips?

So I get through C25K with no injuries and pretty much as soon as I graduate - Ouch, runners knee! It's not too bad, you could almost say it doesn't really hurt, I'm just aware of it, if you know what I mean? I'm pretty sure it was pushing myself on the 5K+ Speed podcast that did it - though I do really enjoy that podcast.

Any tips on recovery, and how long should I rest it? Does it have to go 100% before I start back, or can I jog quietly on it? It's worse that I finally got a new pair of trainers last weekend (Solomons, early Christmas pressie), and I really want to get out and try them! I haven't run in them yet, so at least I know it wasn't their fault.

I should be at Flyball this evening with my dog, but that includes short bursts of running (just 50 yards or so). Is that OK, or should I just send hubbie and the dog on their own for once?

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Just the usual advice - rest, ice and gentle stretches and strengthening exercises. Did you go to Flyball?


Rest and knee strengthening exercises...check out those on the NHS website....I know exactly what you mean when u say you're more aware of the knee... I am too and then sometimes I lurch n the knee doesn't support...I find doing the knee strengthening helps ( should do them more regularly but just not that disciplined) all the best


Thanks Both - I've been resting this week (just dog walking) and it is definitely easing. I'll have a look at those stretches, thanks.

Irishprincess - yes, we did go to Flyball, though I got my hubbie to do more of the running than usual!


I had runners knee, and it think it's cos we're new runners. Mine hurt when I didn't run, so after a period of rest I thought I might as well try and run it off. It worked and as I kept running every other day, and my knee got stronger, it never recurred

I was playing "flyball" with my neighbours dog in my long kitchen recently having taught him to give me the ball back. He is a bright dog and I thought he might like to try it. He soon got the idea and handed me back the ball (toy) every time. I think he could do it for real.

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Thanks my knee is feeling much better and, as you say, I actually didn't notice it all when running short bursts in Flyball on Friday. So I think I might try a quiet jog later and see how I get on.

Flyball is great fun, and the local group we found are a really friendly bunch. Have a look on this map to find groups in your area. So long as the dog is over twelve months old and responds well to basic commands (come, stay, give) then you'll have a great time!


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