Had a faceplant on concrete yesterday!!!

My second ever - no great damage- not as bad as last time, this was only my second in 2600 klms. - but a bit sore today mainly in my hands.

A tiny piece of tree bark brought me down. At fists I thought I may have tripped on a raised portion of the concrete path - you have to watch those paths made out of individual pieces of laid concrete - sometimes they shift a little over time and the edge raises a little. But - no, it was only a piece of tree bark.

I was running with a group and trying valiantly to keep up with them. I am a bit tired of running by myself - don't mind doing fastish intervals by myself on a proper track and also long slow runs by myself - but trying to stay with others two times per week. BUT - everybody else is faster than me !! :( Those that aren't faster then me seem to stay away from the running groups. Not too many 70 year olds running around where I live!! :( I was actually running with a 65 year old yesterday - but he is a 25 minute 5K runner anyway.

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  • So sorry to hear that Bazza, take it easy ! The thing is no matter what speed you're moving a tumble is quite a clutter given you are propelling yourself forward.

    Little blighters those trees with their roots, bark and leaves 🌳🍁🍂🍃🌾

  • Ouch! Glad it was your hands that bore the brunt and not your face!

    Bazza, you are inspirational.... 70 year old runners.. they would all , everyone of them be faster than me...and the difference between you and the ones who are slower than you, is you are out there with groups and doing it.. whilst they, are afraid to run with you, 'cos you are faster than them!

  • Poor you! Bet it doesn't keep you away from running for long though! Hope you are on the mend.

  • That sucks Bazza, but glad to hear you caught it on the hands instead of knees or face. It takes so very little, and as you say, a paving slab that is slightly raised (or a rain covered pothole on the road, as I've learnt the hard way) is more than enough.

    You are an inspiration to HU. Looking forward to hear that you've been out there again and that your hands are healed.

  • parkrun on Saturday - running club on Sunday - but both days will be easy ones !! :)

  • Sorry to hear that, Bazza1234 glad there wasn't too much damage.

  • Ouch, poor you. I've never taken a tumble, not so far, but came close yesterday, I trod on a thick twig with one foot and the other end came up and nearly got me. It nearly got me again on the way back...

  • Owwwwwwch

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