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Feeling Thankful

This post may sound maudlin' but I promise I'm as sober as a sober person.

I've just registered for the 10k at Balmoral in April 2017.

The significance of this for me is that in April this year, I ran the 5k at Balmoral just THE DAY AFTER finishing the Couch to 5k plan. Well I ran most of it and walked up the wee hilly bits. But it was such a buzz, in spite of the fact that it was snowing at the time!

Registration opened for the 2017 event today so I thought I would go for the 10k this time. Unlike the one and only 10k event I've done thus far, this one has a big hill in it so that will give me something to focus on over the winter...

But I'm just so thankful for the distance I've come (literally I suppose!) since I got off the couch at the beginning of February. I feel each new wee milestone brings me a fresh new sense of wonder and gratitude. Each day I have planned to go out the thing that makes me go, even if I'm tired or the weather's rubbish, is that I don't ever want to lose this glow. :)

Also, I'm thankful that I get to hang out with you lovely people.

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inspirational AD.

I'm ill with flu at the mo so can't imagine walking let alone running!

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Big Hugx


Oh wow... what a run that will be... I ran 10K for the first time on my one year runniversary, to the day of starting C25K.... a couple of weeks back. Very emotional.

What a journey.. well done you... and hey, what is a little snow, or just adds to it! :)xx


Go you! You must definitely wear your kilt for that one!


Such a lovely post Annedroid☺. I totally agree with that feeling you describe - it's what gets me out the door too. I never want to not be a runner! That 10k sounds like just the right next challenge and I'm sure will feel very special to you on the day. Good luck☺x


That's a brilliant post and well done for registering for the Balmoral 10k. I was looking at that yesterday but thought it would be too ambitious with the steep hill and the fact it's ten k and I haven't run more than five! I'm on the injury couch meantime too but hope to try a gentle run at the weekend. Bit nervous if running in the dark too which I will need to do in the week from now on - pitch black getting home from work now!


No it's not too ambitious HilaryC ! Assuming the gentle run at the weekend works out okay and you're off the injury couch reasonably soon, the event is five or six months away. The Bridge to 10k plan is only six weeks. And then you can start hill training.... :)

I know what you mean about running in the dark. I think I'll stick to running round the streets as they're well lit, plus they have the bonus of traffic light stops when you're tired!


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