10k here I come

I finished my c25k a couple of weeks ago and I'm now continuing to build on this by aiming for 10k. My strategy is to complete 3 runs per week consisting of the following:

1 x 5k interval run focussing on increasing speed

1x distance run, increasing by 10% per week until I achieve 10k, all going well I should hit this by the end of November

1 x 5k park run as a treat to run with others

So far, so good 😊

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  • Sounds a good plan, best of luck with it. When I try to make a plan life seems to get in the way!!

  • It's great to have a plan especially after graduation. Just remember that the 10% increase threshold is based on a weekly TOTAL mileage and it's good to have a decrease in mileage every third or fourth week.

    Good luck and enjoy 😊

  • Hi Simonc25k, that's my plan too and so far it's working. Managed an 8k on Monday and I'm loving my Parkruns, such a great atmosphere. Hope your plan pans out 😁

  • Sounds good -- BUT the only thing lacking is that you have not said what pace your 5K intervals run day and your parkrun day will be run at?? The pace for your longrun day should be quite slow - no faster than whatever is required to finish the days task easily without suffering too much on the following rest day. Every run day should have a purpose - and that purpose needs to have a specified pace and length/time. Have a look at this website the5krunner.com/2014/07/14/... for some ideas. Perhaps run parkrun days at a "sociable" pace 1 minute or more slower than your PB for 3 events of the month and "go for it" once per month ( perhaps on pacer day if your local parkrun does pacer days) - on the other intervals training day, perhaps run at PB pace or a bit faster for a number of short periods ( for whatever time suites you), increasing the number of intervals slowly?

  • Thanks for the advise Bazza, I've read through the link you provided and will take on board the recommendations. My longest continuous run so far has been 50 minutes at at pace of 6:51min/ km which I completed this week and felt quite confortable, so in think one ready to up my game!

  • We are doing the runningbug.com 8 week 10k plan as we have entered a race in the middle of December. Your plan sounds like a good one, good luck with it.

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