Successful (and unplanned) first step to 10k

Hello everyone, finally posting in this new forum as I've finally started to increase my 5k to 10k.

I had been planning on starting next week but when I was 4k into my run this evening I was feeling pretty good and so I challenged myself to go further than my usual 5k and get 5.5k instead. And I did it! Woo. 

I am planning on increasing one of my 3 runs by 0.5k every week. And hopefully if all goes to plan by my first runiversary in June I will be achieving 10k in pretty good time. 

Feeling positive!

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  • Well done! This is how I bridged to 10k, increasing initially by .5 and then 1k but only when my body fely ready. Its such an exciting time, feeling your body getting stronger. Keep it up☺

  • thanks sandraj :) It is quite exciting! I was so proud when I felt that I was able to push myself further. 

  • Brilliant plan, I did 5.5k first, then a 6,7,8 and 10!  Just did one longer run a week and on a good day, went a bit further.  If my legs were OK, went again.

  • Well done! You will be there in no time!

  • Excellent!  Keep it up, and you will be there, feeling strong :)

  • That's fab, well done! I did my first 10k over the Easter weekend and to be honest the increase in distance just crept up on me, I didn't have a proper plan, so it's been really nice. Good luck!

  • Best of luck - sounds like you are doing brilliantly! 

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