10k run done slowly in sun..😎

10k run done slowly in sun..😎

As you can see, the sun had it's hat on as well! with Mediterranean skies as we started off but remained cool throughout the run which was a bonus, but my legs felt like they could do with more push power, as I was still slow, nothing new there then! but I did it without stopping or walking I was so determined I wouldn't do that, so, overall a happy bunny!...😊 only thing is by the time I finished the 10k medals and goodie bags were all gone! so was dissapointed with that, but they say they will send me one, so they gave me a juniors 3k medal instead πŸ˜–You would think they'd have enough especially when you've booked & paid, but think they had a late influx of runners registering on the day. Anyway I think it should be first come first served not last come first served, that needs organising better, maybe it's difficult to monitor properly. Anyway, I went home with a load of banana's & fruit bars that were left over...😁

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  • Oh! Pops, or RF, can I have my 10k badge now please..😊

  • Well done:).

  • Well done Dave..10k without stopping is fantastic and definately deserves bling. Sounds like they will send your medal though so don't be disappointed. You did it...😊

    You can get your 10k badge now. Lovely pic.

    Whoop whoopπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸΊ

  • Well done Dave! Hope that well deserved 10K medal comes winging it's way to you very soon - 3K junior medal, indeed!! That really isn't quite the same is it?!!

  • Well done Dave, that's a big milestone for any runner and what a beautiful day to achieve it. I hope they send you an extra big medal as you deserve it 😊

    That's a fab photo too!

  • Well done Dave, sounds a great runπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Well done! Can't believe that they ran out of bling... Well what's the point if there's no bling ; -)

  • Well done Dave !

    A non stop 10k is brilliant !

    Was a lovely day here today, gorgeous blue skies and a little nip in the air -perfect running conditions !

    Sorry to hear they ran out of bling, that's very disappointing :-(

    You can get your 10k Graduate Badge by requesting it on this link :


    Lovely photo btw :-) xxx

  • Well done - hope that medal arrives soon. Lovely sky - few miles away it has been mostly grey and gloomy.

  • Smashing effort. Too bad about the medal - that's really poor.

  • Super well done Dave. Great pic. Great job. I hope you get the proper & well deserved medal soon! Xx

  • Wonderful, wonderful! What a photograph.... bling... great, but that photo, priceless. Well done you..I am , as ever in awe! :)


    Big hug to you and Mrs Dave.. for her op..this week? x

  • If I can do 10k floss, you can. I found it a nice distance, (as others have said) not too much, And I think it has to be tried at least once, I'll always try something once where practical. I will probably do some more 10k races, I enjoyed the occasion,mingling and chatting with others and the organised warmup and dancing with the instructor, but really, I don't need to go much above 5k, maybe 8k maximum on the group runs.😊

    Mrs Dave goes into hospital next Monday 17th, she will have her preop tests then, and will probably have the op on Tuesday. I'll be there getting quietly anxious..😷 I shall nurse her back, and in time get her running again..😊

  • I am working on it...as you say, try anything once..:)

    Mrs Dave will be very looked after by you... i was not sure if it was the end of this week or beginning of next... I could not locate the post where you put the date. It will be a sort of Off the Couch to 5K Recovery route for both of you... x Running together again.. brilliant :)

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