Second 10 mile (Jammy Dodger fuelled) run!

Second 10 mile (Jammy Dodger fuelled) run!

Ok, it may not be the ideal food but I went to get an oaty bar from the cupboard to take on my long run and there were none left! I really felt that a small snack midway through my last 10 miler helped, so I reached for an alternative!! Headed out on to the local roads before hitting my usual trail. Wet and muddy in places and I had a bit of a battle attempting one track which I thought might not be so impassable now...WRONG! Fought my way through a fair few nettles before hopping over the fence and running in the field! Up and across the bridge in this picture before descending down and on to the old railway line. Several miles and quite a few puddles later(!) I was back on the local roads for the last few K and finished my 10 miles in 1:43:02. Quicker than the first time I hit my target distance and feeling good! It was a great day for running and the photo is probably one of my favourite parts of the run, especially when I come back under it because i know I am 'on my way home'! Hope others have enjoyed their runs today too!

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  • Well done! Good post! So the JDs gave you some good energy Sandra!😊

  • Ah that looks great there Sandra, its making my legs twitch just looking at it !

    Well done on the 10 miles, that is excellent and now youre all set up for the GSR. You know you can do the distance now so you don't have to worry , you can just enjoy your race :-)

    Oh Jammie Dodgers ! Love 'em ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug🙂 x

  • Looks lovely! You're really getting some good distances in - I'm well impressed!

  • Thanks JaySeeSkinny, that'll probably be the last 10 mile before the Great South Run, but I do feel that the cooler days have really given my running a boost! 🙂

  • Wow! Lovely photo - what a beautiful place to run.

  • Beautiful pikkie.... I love the old railway line tracks.. wish I had one nearer to me :)

    You are going great guns.... wow! Well done. :)

  • It's a beautiful place to run Oldfloss, I'm very lucky.🙂

  • You are indeed :) As am I, with my fields... lovely this morning, the winter wheat just showing itself ... we are so fortunate... :)

  • Wow that's quick! Well done you, HM no problem!


  • HM next spring, I am beginning to think....have been looking at a local one and inspired by others on this forum!🙂

  • Aye , she's not called Flying Sandra for nowt ! :-D xxx

  • you are very speedy Sandra! thats a great 10 mile time! :)

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