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First 10 mile run - Jeffing makes it easy!


I set out on my long run yesterday, and thought I'd try the Jeffing method

It's a bit of a faff to work out the run/walk intervals, so I just opted for 30s run/30s walk.

In one way, this technique makes sense, on another it is counterintuitive! How can it be faster?

Well, I have to say, it works brilliantly! By mile 5, I was feeling fresh as a daisy, not tired at all. And the "run" bits were getting quicker, even though I wasn't really trying. (By this point I was running a 9.30 m/mile for the run bits). I can barely hold that pace in a 5k. At mile 6, I was still holding the pace and kept going "OMG, this can't be true".

I still felt great and ploughed on. Even though it was very hot, I wasnt tiring at all. So, like Forrest Gump I kept going...and going. Called it a day at mile 9, and ran home. 10 miles in 1.54.30.

In reality, using this technique I've likely run 6 miles and walked 4. But apart from the heat, and a very slight niggle on my weak calf, it was easy. It's not the fastest run ever, but it's not bad, especially with a leap up from a 10k to 10 mile distance in one go.

I still feel good this morning, I dont ache as much as normal. I'm tempted to go back and read up/learn the technique in more depth.

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Loads of folk use this technique and it has meant so many folk can do longer runs, finish them and enjoy them. Some purists call the method cheating, I do not agree.. I think if it is getting people out there and enjoying the runs it is fantastic :)

However you organise the walk/run, that period of walking can work so well!


Very good! If it gets you through the distance, use it. 👍🏻😁


Wow. I had a first, very disorganised, experience with the Jeffing idea yesterday and was also amazed. And I had a good (for me) time. Did you stay with the very short intervals all the way through?

Teresa1632Graduate10 in reply to Granspeed

I ran for a few minutes to warm up, then used the intervals. I did try a 60:30 twice, but it was more tiring, so went straight back to 30:30.


That’s really interesting! I tell myself I’m jeffing when I get tired on longer runs or need to break up hills, but I’ve never set out to do it from the start in such an organised fashion. Sounds like it worked really well for you!

ArthurJGGraduate10 in reply to molly1973

That's the difference with Jeff Galloway's strategy. He says it's really important to stick to the walk run strategy from the outset. If you wait till you NEED to walk it's too late for his theory to work. Haven't tried it myself yet but then the furthest I've run is 12k.


Well done Teresa! Thank you for posting this, I found the info on your link really interesting and will give this a will be useful training for my hilly 10k race next month. I have not tried taking walk intervals early in a run, so will give it a try to see the result.

Great post!😊xx


I read an article which was about Galloway's method but not written by him. The writer had successfully completed a half marathon simply by walking for two minutes after each mile marker (from the very first one) and running the rest. He said he didn't walk at mile 13 as that may have meant walking across the finish line but apart from that he stuck to it.


Very interesting. How do you count or time the intervals?

Teresa1632Graduate10 in reply to paulanoo

Initially I set my watch. But (and I don't know how), I got to intuitively know when 30 seconds were up. Checked with my watch a few times, I stayed on track from about mile 4, when I had got the hang of it.

There are phone apps you can use as well. And a gizmo you can buy, called Gymboss.


I have been trying jeffing for a few weeks now and am amazed at the results. Less tired, quicker recovery, further distance and good pace. I’m not sure I’ve got the interval right yet but I think it’s the way to go certainly in this heat and for longer distance. I tried 90:30 yesterday for a 5k. That’s the shortest interval I’ve tried so far but you’re post has encouraged me to try 30:30 too. 🏃🏻‍♀️😊


I'm not sure I've got it right either, but it sorta felt right.

Like you, I've noticed the recovery is much quicker. When I ran the full distance of 10k before, the following day, I'd be like a dying dog and fit for nothing! No problems this week even with the heat and much longer distance! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💃


I had a go at 30/30 today Teresa, coming back from a week off. Happily did 10k like this. The running got easier the further into the run I got, and I was always able to do each run bit, even up hills. I enjoyed it and my time was 10 minutes quicker than my last 10k run, where I needed a couple of breathers and stopped for a min or so.

Thanks again for sharing this, I will try different intervals on shorter runs too.


Teresa1632Graduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

That's amazing! Itll make you feel relaxed about your next 10k too. Love it!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Brilliant method....loads of folk Jeff and it works for them...and you now....better than sitting on the couch...I jeff sometimes without knowing!! X

Teresa1632Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

I got my C25K graduates to try it this week, as we have a hilly 5k event coming up soon, and they loved it! It gave everyone so much confidence 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

MummycavModerator in reply to Teresa1632

Brilliant...there’s nothing like a completed run and any method that works is good for the confidence x


Hi...can I clarify the intervals run for 30 and walk for 30? I'm being really thick but is that run for 30 mins and walk for 30 secs?

Teresa1632Graduate10 in reply to LUHAN

Its run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds. More here

LUHANGraduate10 in reply to Teresa1632

Thank you...I will give it a read. Does it ot interfere with your breathing?

Teresa1632Graduate10 in reply to LUHAN

It makes it easier. The idea is that if you are out of breath, you are running too fast.

LUHANGraduate10 in reply to Teresa1632

I think the only way I'll know us by giving it a go! I do struggle with running to fast and trying to slow it down. X

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