Yabbadabbadoooo! Ten whole k! Me!

Yabbadabbadoooo!  Ten whole k!  Me!

I recently wondered aloud here if I should register for a forthcoming 10k (16th October) which will be happening in Majorca while we'll be there on holiday. You all talked me into it so with six and a half weeks to go I started the six week B210k plan and this week - week four - I've just kept going at the end. So three times I've done this route but have only just got Strava organised to confirm the distance. My Garmin Vivofit watch is more giving/fraudulent and says this is seven miles!

Thanks for your encouragement peeps. x

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  • Well done! Traffic lights help though, don't they, wonder if you will have those on the 10k in Majorca? Doubt it! Pace yourself..carry water😊

  • I'll just pick random obstacles and pretend they are traffic lights! :)

  • Brilliant! Well done to you. Reaching 10K is such a milestone (or 6 πŸ™‚) and it's such a satisfying distance. A race in Majorca! Blimey. Fab stuff. Can't wait for your run report on that one 😊

  • Whaaaat Anne.... 10k already...😊

    Great going..how exciting.Only on week 4 of the bridge too. That is just what I needed to hear. You and Jaysee and welshgirl are all proving that this is doable. I've just finished week 2, this just shows what can be acheived.


  • Very well done, you must be absolutely delighted :)

  • Brilliant! Well done - that first 10k is amazing isn't it? πŸ™‚

  • Well done Anne !

    Like your first love, you never forget your first 10k ! :-D xxx

  • Well done Anne! You'll be fine for your race!on hols too should be good😊

  • Pops is right! 10k is like the whole thing on which the rest of your running career will pivot. It's the starting point to going further because now you know you can.

    Woooohooo! Happy days. Running in Majorca!!!! Yipppee!

  • 10k is the perfect distance in my opinion and now it is yours to enjoy whenever you want. Congratulations.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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