More progress this week. I'm a new me. :)

So, this week I decided to stop being such a Big Baby and learn how to work my phone properly. I did the whole of C25k without having the Lovely Laura's help as I didn't have the app. I've been using an old iPod for music (with the playlist recorded for me by my teenage daughter as I didn't know how to do it).

Anyway, this week's progress is that I now have a playlist of running-friendly music On My Actual Phone, like a normal person, AND I have a Bridge to 10k app which somehow interrupts the music with instructions, as if by magic. And I downloaded both all by myself. So proud. :)

Oh, and also, I've completed week two of B210k. Go me!

And, and I'm not sure this is such a matter of celebration, but I can now sweat through my face - it used just to get redder and redder but be bone dry at the end of a run. Now it's sweaty. I'm sure you're all delighted that I shared that...

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  • Congratulations on winning with the tech and completing Week 2.

    Not sure what to say about the face sweating lol!! Mine does both ;)

  • Well done Anne on getting your technology working for you.😊Running is improving your IT skills too..

    I still use an mp3 for my music/instructions as my hubby downloaded the B210k podcasts on there for me.. I carry my phone around my waist recording the route/time/distance on strava. Tend to ignore it if it rings though welshgirl..πŸ˜‰

    Well done on completing wk2 of B210k, welsh girl is right behind you, followed by me..

    Week 3 is not too big a jump, let us know how you do..😊

  • I haven't looked to see what week three involves yet!

    Parkrun tomorrow and big long working day on Sunday so that'll be a "rest day" but definitely only a rest in the running sense.

  • Congratulations on everything but especially the sweating through the face thing. I'm sure thats a sign you are now a REAL RUNNER ;-)

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