No more events for me after May 😒

I'm on the IC again with a rather nasty sinus infection that needs antibiotics.  It has been bought to my attention by a few family members that I get ill after events and maybe I am pushing myself too much and lowering my immune system.  In all fairness I think there might be a little truth in this and it is something I have to take on board because my health is tied up with my husbands health at the moment.  

So in light of this it has been tentatively reccomended and been asked if I should maybe give up doing events.  

I don't think it's totally the events that cause the illness I think it's the event on top of everything else.  I have a habit of smashing by PB's by quite a bit and that has an effects as well.  I am going to take the time to really work on my heart rate training so hopefully in time I can do the events without so much stress.

So 8th of May is my HM and it will be the last one for a while.  Any advice on how to keep myself well after it.  Any homemade rehydrating drinks or protein ball recipes or anything like that will be greatly recieved.  

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  • Oh dear. Sinusitis stinks - take care of yourself. Check out lactose and/or gluten intolerance if it is a regular occurrence. I'm concerned that you're going from all to nothing - surely there's some kind of balance that could be struck? Maybe you could reduce the number and length of events rather than rule them out completely? None of my business, I know...  I'm just concerned that stopping something that is good for your mental well-being - even if your physical health maybe needs a little less of it - may be a bit drastic. If events motivate you and keep you happy, I wouldn't remove them completely... Why not ask your GP for his/her opinion? It's good to be available for others, but like on the plane, you have to put on your own mask before helping others...

    Can't be of any help for miracle recipes, I'm afraid - maybe Miss Wobble has some magic recipes? Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you for your reply.  Checked out on the gluten and dairy front unfortunately its genetics.  All my Dads side have it I think we are missing some vital genes or something complicated.  Usually a daily nasal spray keeps me going but this time it got infected and stopped working.  

    I understand your point and I think for me as I love my events, the problem is even if I do park run I go too fast and feel under the weather afterwards.  It's to do with me and my speed on the day, I push myself too much and I'm not sure how to stop.  I can train and it's fine.

  • I get chronic sinusitis too - it's hereditary too and is because I have a missing bit of plumbing in my face. They did offer to blast a hole through the bone for me, but I'm not overly keen on that.... 

    Looks like the challenge is all about pacing yourself, then. I think you can do it. 

  • Even normal sinus plumbing is *mad*. I mean, presumably there *is* a good reason why one of the drainage holes is in the *roof* of that sinus but I struggle to think what it could be (swinging from trees????) 'cos it ain't useful now! 

  • I presume that facial plumbing was on the tail end of the plans when evolution worked on the human. It was probably dealt with on the bus on the way home from a night at the pub, at the same time they decided it would be funny to make hair sprout out of men's ears and nostrils when they hit a certain age. 

  • I felt starving for a week after my one and only half but I ate healthily but it's all about planning. Make sure you have good grub in store so you don't eat anything likely to make you feel below par.  I made up chilli con carne, chicken and veg curry, trays of roast veggies that can be turned into all sorts.  Salads, veggies, tinned tuna, tinned sardines for toast (with cheese, yum) ham etc. Generally, just good fuel that you can get into but it won't break the bank calorie wise.  Brown rice seems to be satisfying as does jacket potatoes and anything sweet potato related.  I make my own energy bars so always have those available. Only for run or exercise days though.  

    I wouldn't be pressured into not racing. If you love doing it then do it, as you'll only be fed up and resentful. You know what you're capable of better than anyone.  

    Oh forgot to say, you could cut out the DAIRY til you're fixed.   

    No wonder we get sinus!  I was out running last night and my eyes were streaming. It was really cold!  My body felt fine but my eyes and nose were streaming.  

  • I like the idea of a week of freezer living after the event, I think that will really help when my appetite is down a bit.  

    I really think my issue is my speed.  I either need to go slower and be ok with that on the day or learn to go faster without such an increase in heart rate.  My events push my heart rate up higher than when I train because of the speed.  Not that I'm fast but I'm faster than normal for me, I get all caught up.  I have a 12 week lower your heart rate training plan that I want to try and see if that helps. 

    Big sweet potatoe fan. I have my own version of refried  beans in the morning (there not fried) but black beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes parsley and pepper all cooked in the pressure cooker then blitzed.  I do a weeks worth at a time.  Yum.  

  • Have you thought about doing parkrun at an enforced slower rate?  Offer to run as a pacer at signifcantly slower than you usually run - then the competition is to get as close to pace time as possible (without stopping 5m from the end and waiting for the time!).  

    or tailrun

    or offer to run with someone just starting and help coach them around

    It puts a whole new light on parkruns and at the same time makes you feel great, as you can really see just how much you have achieved when you look back and realise the 'nice relaxed slow pace' you are running at was a pb you aspired to when you started! :)

  • Thank you so much for the reply, I love the idea of it but I'm always at the back of my park run, I think there is only one lady who is a little bit slower than me.  I'm very much a happy plodder.  It's one of the reasons I don't do parkrun all the time because I feel sorry  for them waiting for me even though they have assured me they don't mind. 

  • Oh Sweetie, this is such bad news! Sinusitis is horrible - so painful and it makes you feel awful. You're not the first person who's mentioned falling ill after an event or after making a major physical effort, so think it's a genuine, recognised 'thing'. Really not sure what to suggest though, except maybe front-loading calories, vitamins and minerals (and possibly echinacea) before events, so you've got 'goodness in the bank' so to speak. Also, and I speak from bitter experience here, don't allow yourself to become chilled after running. The few times I have I've ended up on the IC afterwards. 

    Take care RFC, really hope you're feeling better soon xxx

  • Thank you.  That's a really good point about feeling cold afterwards.  I always take a sweatshirt but I might take something a bit heavier as I always get the chills,  also on that note I really need to check my events have changing facilities as I think that makes a difference standing around in wet clothes as your body temp changes. My last one didn't have bag drop or changing.  My next one has a changing tent and a good bag drop so that will help.  

  • 1) This is no time to be making any definite decisions. These sorts of infections have a depressant effect on thinking.  And you've not even seen the surgeon yet! It doesn't really matter too much as you do still have an event in your future and maybe if you just don't book another until you see how you get on after that, it will space things out and give you time to acquire some new strategies.

    2) I know I am always saying this but learning to be still is a really useful part of wellbeing (cf fitness as a hobby) (I don't just mean not running, but mentally too, not always needing to have your eyes on 'the next thing' or complicated plans)

  • Thank you, your right things do feel a little over whelming at the moment and it's easy to lose sight of logical thinking when you feel under pressure.  Wise words.

    I've been doing some art work this week, I forgot how nice it is just to sit quietly and create.  I sometimes forget to factor in this sort of time which can be just as therapeutic as running.  

  • Aah, that sounds good. 

    Getting the balance can be pretty tricky since it isn't always in the same place... and sometimes people do point out useful stuff. But it is your life!

  • Art is brilliant.... the total, you getting lost in it ,time...I paint whenever I get chance and write...( as you know.. or ramble) that helps me too!

    As you say, total therapy...:)

  • Noses are a nuisance! I only have to jog a few hundred yards and it starts running with me!  and then there's the sneezing! About a dozen Sneeze's on the trott last night, have started up with the cetirizine tablets & beconase spray again, but for me it seems to be a year round allergy thing!

     But luckily I don't get sinusitis, must be misery for you with the pain discomfort, but has your doctor told you to stop running because of it? Seems a shame your stopping events, do the longer runs really exacerbate the problem then? Hoping it clears up soon😊

  • I'm on the bench because I feel so unwell with sinus infection.  The stopping of events is because I am keeping myself in tip top condition because I would like to be a kidney donor for my husband.  I've nearly completed all my tests just one more to go and my immune system gets lower after races and once I ended up with a kidney infection, this time sinus infection some members of my family are asking whether it is worth the risk at this time while  I'm being accessed.  After the initial tests if I get the go ahead I will be in a holding pattern until I'm needed and they will keep a close eye on my health in between.  

    Beconase is my running buddy.  I keeps me from acting like a waterfall.  As soon as I'm done with my antibiotics I've been told I can go back on it.  

  • Now I understand!  Full credit to you for trying to be a doner, that's a very brave act! And I really hope it all works out well for you and your husband😉

  • Thank you so much. 

  • Every respect to you for doing something so altruistic for your husband.... I can see that is 100% your focus right now, understandably. Take care 😀

  • I've also noticed that I fall ill if I've pushed myself too far. It happened twice with swimming and I twigged what was happening when I fell ill after my best ever, fastest, longest cycle ride. It starts with the chills which are a sure sign that I've overdone it. I have no answer though, when I'm running, cycling, swimming or whatever I know I'm pushing myself, but have no indication I've gone too far - I only find that out later and then it is too late. Fortunately it's normally "only" a cold with me, although they can drag on.  

    Maybe really run with your HRM and take it easy. You really need to stay fit for your husband and you will have plenty of time later to compete and improve your speeds. 

  • That's a point for the HM I could use the recovery pace and do the whole HM within that rate.  Sort of say B#%gger the time and just chill,out and relax.  I know i could walk it a bit slower and still get in within the cut off time.  Instead of pushing myself to get faster it would be like pushing myself slower.  I'm known for doing things a bit upside down.  

    I'm the same as you I don't know until after the event when I've overdone it.  If I find a trigger before I get to that stage I promise to share.  

  • Thanks, much appreciated! Running at recovery heart rate won't do you any harm. I pulled out my HRM at the weekend because I wanted to do a long run and knew I was pushing it (only graduated beginning of March and my run was 8 k). I was slow but had no problems afterwards, which surprised me. I know from previous running experiences that my heart rate shoots up relatively quickly and staying within range is one way of not knackering myself. Odd isn't it?

  • I think that would be a good plan. Will there be pacers for you HM, you could try picking a slowish one for you. I have no idea what pace I run at ever.  Difficult, as you obviously need to be fit for your husband but mental well being impacts on your physical health too- and if you enjoy your events ....  Hope the sinuses improve soon.

  • Take care and get well soon. We are all thinking of you. X x x x 

  • Thank you so much.

  • That is such a shame RFC. It does sounds as though you push yourself hard in the run up to events - could you make a conscious effort to ease off and enjoy the event with less pressure on yourself? Maybe that is easier said than done for many of us! I guess a break from the training will allow you time to build up your defences again and yet still enjoy running just for the sake of it, which I know you do.☺Take care.x

  • You right, I can still run and I do get so much out if it, I will see how I get on with the heart rate training, hopefully that will help to keep me focused.   Thank you. 

  • Sinusitis is rubbish.... I hope you feel better soon. As to the events, do you want to do them? I am guessing you do? In which case aim for one or two a year and limit yourself so that it doesn't become a big burden? I'm crap at nutrition so I don't think I can offer any pearls of wisdom there!!

  • Thank you for both messages.  I could really do with learning to run less stressed.  I'm thinking that more strength will help me run smarter and help me run better with a lower heart rate but I think that will all take a long time, but hey if I'm healthy  ive got the time to spend on it.  Maybe I'll be one of those really fit 90 year olds 😀. 

  • I suffer from sinusitis and allergies - not food but house dust and bird feathers. Started noticing worse when stressed or too much going on. Hospital dr said its because when your not 100% infection finds your weakest points. Have no medical expertise but seems true in my case. You have a huge amount of stress in your life as apart from worry about your husbands health you are going through all tests to see if you can donate and then you must be thinking if you get go ahead what that will entail for you both. Anyhow here's couple suggestions which help me

    *I use a sea water spray which sort of flushes out nostrils - not sure if that helps with allergies or sinusitis but in my case they seem to cause similar symptoms. 

    * Tip from our tai chi guy was to steam inhale with powdered ginger. Even though head upside down which is not normally nice position with sinusitis you do get a lot of relief from pain and pressure. 

    *As soon as I have finished race I whip off my top and put on cotton t shirt and fleece. I just do it in car park. If I don't the small of my back gets really cold and I just don't seem to be able to get it warm even after shower. 

    I hope all tests go well for you and will be thinking about you and your husband.

  • I had desensitizing injections when I was three to house dust and three kinds of mould.  I think I really need to think about my change of clothes after my HM as I think it makes a really big difference what you do Imediately afterwards.  Hopefully it will help. I will look into the nasal thing, it sounds a bit scary.  Thank you for your kind wishes.

  • RFC, i didn't realise about your decision to be a donor, that's an amazing thing to do. Given your situation i would think you need to keep your health as 100% priority but i also know how you love to have an event to train for. But there will be other times when you can do this i'm sure. Keep getting stronger and hope everything goes well for you and your husband. 

    My friend who is doing London marathon, tried some of these, they are new out . She said it was brilliant! she did 22 miles on Sunday.......... not for afterwards but maybe during your HM??

  • Big hugs RFC ((( )))) Sinusitis is truly horrible , it can really make you feel down .

    Hope you feel better soon , take care , we are all wishing you and your hubby all the very best xxxx

  • Thank you so much, I think the antibiotics are starting to work, I might try a little walk tomorrow. 

  • Sorry I missed this post! Poor you. sinusitis is vile. 

    Hence, me, leaving home for runs, with hat pulled down and buff pulled up! Do not care what it looks like...apparently one of my sinus tube things has detoured an wrapped around the top of a tooth nerve... so I get toothache as a bonus too!

    It is so very wearing and all that you are handling with your husband's health too, is clearly taking a toll. The old, slow and steady, you say, won't work for you, but you do need to find a way to get through this...take me with you, in your head, on your events... think GREY SNAIL...SLOWLY...I really do, when I am taking everything around me, go very, very may work.

    I agree with mfamilias, I feel you need this release time to keep you mentally strong.

    My Nan, used to warm olive oil ( from the chemist) and use that all around the sinus area of the face. I still do that. Won't help infection but it seems to ease things. I also slap loads of Nivea on before I a barrier against the cold! One drink I find really useful and comforting, again, a Nan recipe... so simple and good for you too!!!


    •1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

    •1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

    •2 cups of water

    •2 -4 tablespoons honey, to taste

    •pinch of salt ( optional)


    Stir all of the ingredients together until the honey and sugar are well mixed. 

    Taste it.. adjust if needed.

    You can warm this if you prefer...and if you double up, then it will keep in the fridge for a day or two., in a screw top jar or bottle!

    May be no use..but won't do you any harm! :)

  • Thank you for both your posts.  I love natural recipes, I will give that a go.  Sounds tasty too which is always a bonus.  It actually sounds like the perfect rehydration drink after a run vitamins and a little sugar fuel and with the salts it's a natural sports drink.  

    Thank you for your offer of coming round with me I will virtually take you up on it. 

    I've been quite surprised at the amount of people who suffer with sinus.  I've had the tooth ache that's what finally persuaded me to the doctors again this time. I normally keep it at bay with prescribed beconase but somehow it stopped working, I know this is the worst time as on top of my normal runny nose I get a bout of hay fever as well, just think the addition was  too much for me to cope with.  

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