Where does the time go

Just a quickie nudge nudge wink wink haha

My running has been very sporadic of late. Things getting in the way, the weather and my aging body sending out warnings.

Hopefully things will settle back down now and I can get back in my rhythm ...

Feeling the quilt from not running and having more treats than I should ..

Ho hum.. apologises for my absence lately hope everyone is fit and well and still enjoying their runs


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  • Ah Good to see you Rob, just wondering the other day that we hadn't seen you for a bit :-)

    Just ease yourself back in gently, no pressure

    The weather certainly saps all your energy doesn't it ?

    Are you doing anything with your son for I am Team GB this weekend ? :-) xxx

  • Hi poppy 😊 no he is away with his mum this weekend .

    Just getting back into running 3 times a week , see how it goes hope to get back to 1 longer run a week xxx

  • Wondered where you had been Rob! The weather has impacted my running at times too, I am really looking forward to Autumn and cooler runs!πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€ Glad that you checked in and I am sure you will be back out there pounding the streets soon! Take care!πŸ™‚

  • Thanks sandra 😊know we shouldnt wish time away but yes looking forward to some cooler runs 😊

  • Hi Rob, join the club, I am in the same sort of situation but I am back into action. Easy does it but forward I go. Just like you. πŸ˜„

  • Hope it is going well for you nhs 😊

  • Hi Rob, it's good to see you back again. It has been humid but cooler weather is around the corner. *blissful sigh* πŸ€—

  • Can't believe how hot and humid some days have been.

  • Hi Rob I have been running unabated, apart from a calf thing. The heat is a bit wearing but is good for our old bones I dare say. All too soon it will be over and we'-ll be moaning about cold dark nights/-mornings 😊

    You could ease yourself into it by doing parkrun on Satdy ☺

    The more you run the more treats you can have 😊

  • Us brits and the weather, it is never right .

    Runs increasing treats decreasing 😊 We are getting there

  • Nice to see you back Rob!

  • Good to see you... Well get out there, if just for a Mile, it can be very refreshing and gives you back the love...

  • Thanks ju-ju 😊 mojo slowly coming back

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