Little bunny rabbit

Oh dear curygurly the rabbit had not yet been boiled by the annoying Julie! Second run on day 2 of the podcast has her sneaking in and waffling her nose. However she doesn't stay as long as I remember her last week. Oh dear, that's me found out too! In fairness I've been away clearing up my pregnant daughters garden. Poor lass can't reach the floor any more!! Oh, and there was cake. She is a divine baker!! So next run MUST be Friday through hell and damnation that the weather is promising!!

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  • Get your daughter to make a nice stew! Little bunny rabbit leaves Julie in the dust in the annoyance stakes! Drove me nuts!

    Bet he turns up in the next week too.....

  • 😱😱😱 I do hope not!!

  • I haven't used those podcasts in ages. I bought a new MP3 player and didn't bother to put them on. I fear that every week is the same music in a different order...

  • Oh no! Well that's not going to put me off! After some of Laura's choices I think I developed a tin ear for music!!

  • I assume you are using it as a programme to get you to 10K? I just had it on my player as something to listen to xx

  • Yes using it to get me to 10k. So far so good trouble is my last run was 14th fastest. That day i felt like a curly wurly in the sun - all melty and wobbly. Tomorrow is another day, as they say. I shall aspire to 13th fastest on that distance at least πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Can I ask what program you are talking about?? Thanks:)

  • These are Bluefin bridge to 10k podcasts I found free on Google. They probably could be found on the Bluefin website but I didn't look that hard. I use them with Runkeeper another free app to get the GPS stuff distances and so on. As discussed the music is not that edifying!!

  • Thanks old trout:)

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