I signed up for a half marathon!!

I must be nuts surely!! I had no real intention of going for it but yesterday on Facebook I saw there were less than 300 spaces left on the Great East Run so I signed myself up.

I am very nervous so if anyone has any tips for me that would be fab! The most I have run is 11k, about half the distance. I've read some training plans online but any advice would be very gratefully received :)

The run isn't until September so I have got loads of time to prepare at least!

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  • Woohoo! Well done you....exciting.....! I did my first HM in March, I followed a MyAsics plan running twice a week, they're free on line and worth a look. My longest runs were 20k, (my own adjustment on the plan) I did them in 5k chunks refuelling at each 5k, the main thing I have learned is to do the 'taper' that's the reduction of training from 10 - 14 days before the event, to make sure you're in the best condition for the 'race', for me it definitely worked.

    Good luck with it.πŸ˜„


  • Thanks Madge50 I think the GR site has a training plan also so I'll check both out :)

  • Well done! Very excited for you! Like Madge50, I did my first HM in March and loved it! I have another one coming up in November. You have plenty of time to get your distance up which is good . Although I looked at a few plans I ended up cobbling together my own plan that worked well for me. I knew I wanted to run the full distance at least once before race day, so worked back from this. (In actual fact I did it twice). Many programmes won't take you up to the full distance prior to race day. I increased my two short runs and extended the long run in stages. I also made sure that I had plenty of time to taper before the race, which messes with your head big time, but really does work! As Madge says, you will also need to explore refuelling and find what works for you - I am a 'power flapjack and water' girl myself but many use gels. If I could pass on the one thing that I think helped me during training it was 'discipline'! You really do need to just put the miles in. It didn't matter how tired I was when I got in from work, I just pulled on those running shoes and headed out the door, rain or shine. I also had that horrible bronchitis thingy before Christmas and couldn't run for a few weeks, but it all came together in time fortunately. Lots of luck with yours and your training!πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for the tips. I find it fascinating to hear what works for people who've been there and done it :) I am very daunted and saying it out loud makes it feel more real!!

  • Yay, half marathons are the best!! Hope you enjoy it loads. If you haven't already, check out the Marathon Running and Race Support forum, it's not just for marathons! :)


  • Thank you, I had no idea such a forum existed :)

  • Wow! That is very exciting. I will be interested to hear all about your training plan and how things are going - not that I am considering a HM - well not this year ;) Mmm, did I really say that! Anyway, keep posting updates. Lots of support from 'those in the know' like Sandraj39 Madge50

  • He, he, he......you'll be joining the club.....πŸ˜‰...it'll creep up on you.......last year I said 'no way'.......and look what happened.....😬......I've got the next one booked for October....πŸ˜†.... I'm careful what I say now.....πŸ˜‚


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