Nosedived (again)!

Nosedived (again)!

I tried stretch and flex exercises before running, today just a warm up walk but both times legs just felt so tired and achy calves and the added gremlins and even though I went out to run 10k, scraped 5k and that was with many walk breaks. My fitness and confidence have plummeted recently with one or two successful runs and thinking I am back on track several times. Could be to do with my mood, feeling a bit stressed out due to work and financial issues, diet not as it should be and gained half a stone. Not going to stop running but finding each run is either a slog or involves way too much walking. Did manage Race for Life a few weeks ago and covered 10k

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  • Joolie, deep breaths. You have had alot of change so be kind to yourself, keep the running just ticking over and you will soon be on your way again- I know it!

  • Big hugs Joolie ((( )))

    I think youre being really hard on yourself, you have a lot on your plate at the moment and I think you need to cut yourself a bit of slack here .

    Do you think your calves might benefit just having a little rest for a while and just to give yourself a bit of breathing space.

    Are you walking on your runs because you are experiencing discomfort or is it your mind playing tricks do you think and telling you to stop ? xxx

  • It is a little discomfort and some nagging to stop and walk. I am concerned that if I stop I might not go again!!

  • Why don't you take a little time off just to rest and give yourself a bit of a break from it ? The rest might just do the trick ....

    I wish you well Joolie whatever you decide to do , hope you feel a little less stressed soon xxx

  • Oh sweetie..biggest hugs to you x Life does have this habit of getting in the way.:)

    So... one step at a time...? Just settle back into the work routine... then take time to rationalise the other bits...weight goes comes off... walk or run. Why not walk a bit more...? Better that than tire yourself so the runs become a chore!

    You have done will do it again. Just go out and see how you target, just a run for letting things go and flow...:)

    I know I ramble on and do loopy things, but sometimes. not having a proper plan is the best plan:)xx

  • Why not try a structured run/walk? If it's planned you don't have the feeling you're failing or giving in. I'm often faster on those kind of runs.

  • I think that could work. I did 100 running steps and 100 brisk walking steps and felt when running my lace was pretty good. I could even do that for a couple of weeks, if it goes well, raise the running steps to 150! I found that countin distracts me well

  • Sorry, you're still struggling Joolie. Like Poppy, I was wondering if you are walking because of discomfort or lack of energy or a combination of both? As you say, you may be run down with everything else going on in your life recently. Sometimes we just need to stop and regroup! I am on a self-imposed running break! Decided not to attempt to run this week as I felt I just needed to stop and allow my body some rest and recuperation! Not easy and I miss my running but I want to get back on track properly. Have got a physio appointment lined up to seek some advice on my niggly hip but unfortunately due to family and work commitments that is not for another 10 days! Might go for a gentle run at the w/e, but haven't decided yet. This year has been massively busy and stressful for me but I have also achieved lots too, especially with my running, so I know I'm in it for the long haul. A couple of planned weeks off is preferable to a long stint on the injury couch I think. Take care and listen to your body. 🙂

  • Joolie, I've been feeling a bit like you have lately, feeling a lack of energy, was fine on Tuesday's run, then yesterday's run took a nosedive, started walking at about 3k then run/walk for the rest of 6.7k, also felt hot & bothered on this run with the sunshine, so think this also played a part along with the mind playing tricks... maybe take some more rest days.. chin up!😊

  • As long as we keep moving, better than before anyway, i was hardly moving. Let's just keep going for it and maybe we will have a good run day very soon

  • It sounds as though we are in a similar place! I received lots of wise and kind advice on here about not beating myself up, taking it gently for a short while and not stressing about it - suggestions included that it's okay to do shorter runs for a while, to try and eat sensibly but not to stress about that either, and to be kind to myself. It all made sense to me, so I offer it to you too :) I hope things improve for you.

  • JoolieB1 the important part is that you are still running, take your time, life often gets in the way of things, just keep ticking over as jojo57 says and things will come right for you in time. You have come so far that a little bump in the road will not affect you in the long run. Positive thoughts and you will get there.

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