Iconic landmarks on my run

Iconic landmarks on my run

I'm having an unexpected weekend in London which remains my favourite city in the whole world. This morning I got up promptly to take a run here. It was a beautiful morning, bright but not yet hot. My navigation is appalling so I stuck close to The Thames and took the opportunity to run across Tower Bridge. I got a sneaky rest because it was up but I enjoyed the chance to stop and watch. The paths beside the Thames were great, very easy running and plenty of fellow runners out with a nice breeze blowing off the river. It was so beautiful with so much to look at I soon felt very comfortable and happy to plod along for just short of 10k. This is probably my favourite run so far. I had to think that in January I wouldn't even have been able to run across the bridge, let alone the rest of it! I was so grateful to running this morning, it enabled me to enjoy the city in a different way.

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  • London really has something but it feels so crowded to me now, don't think I'd like to live there again but it is a fab town to visit. Last time we were there in Oct we stayed near the Shard so not far from your running route but sadly I wasn't a runner then. It is great to take our trainers with us when we travel now.

  • Ah run tourism! Tis the business innit? Any time I'm going to be away somewhere I plan a run. Lucky you to see the bridge going up xx

  • 'Run tourism', I like that. It really appeals to me. My husband is a big runner and everywhere we go he sets off and comes back with information about the area. That's an advantage, but yesterday I also felt that I was experiencing somewhere I've visited often in a different way. It was great.

  • Running tourism is the best! Lucky you to see the bridge up - that's fab! My favourite route when I'm by the Thames is to start by the Millennium Bridge, run towards Tower Bridge and the sunrise, over TB, then back along the South Bank. It's busy, but I love it! I always pack my running kit and usually choose my hotels based on what look like good places to run from Google maps :D

    Well done on your run :)

  • Thank goodness you're there. It's been niggling me and I was going to put out a search call!

  • Me? Sorry! I'll post, then! Thank you :)

  • Oooh that's sounds great ,and lucky you getting to see the bridge up ! :-) xxx

  • Sounds great. I really enjoyed the London Winter Run last year. I live about half hour out of central London on the train and have sometimes thought of going up to run along the Thames. Maybe I should.

  • Isn't that the typical thing when you have something on your doorstep. All weekend I was thinking, 'if I lived anywhere near here I would come in to run', probably many in London when holidaying in the countryside think the same about my lanes! We also spent a day walking along the canals which was really lovely and I thought what a great place they would be to run too. I'd say ,do it'!

  • There are some wonderful routes in London - especially the Thames Path and the towpaths along our canals.

    I live in east London, and one of my favourites is the section of Thames Path that goes around the Isle of Dogs. I like doing it clockwise - starting at Canary Wharf and the Dome, then down to Island Gardens with Greenwich just across the water, then back to the western side of Canary Wharf, with great views of the Shard, London Eye, etc.

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