Not so daunted if I don't intend to do it!

Well I ditched the training app and just went out for a run to see where I wanted to go. It seems I wanted to run to the coast. Had a lovely run tonight, took it slow and steady and managed 10K relatively easily. I think it helped that I'd only planned to do 5 so mentally the fact I chose to carry on because I wanted to really helped. 10k race for life next week!

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  • Ah that sounds lovely. Gentle runs, with no particular plan are really good. Yours sounds ideal. The coast indeed! Lucky you. I got to run down our main road in the pouring rain. Still, I enjoyed it

  • Lovely. Gentle, unplanned, enjoyable...perfect!:)

  • "10k relatively easy", did you hear yourself!!! You're definitely ready for you race for life.

  • Ah thanks

  • Wow, amazing. Race for Life is awesome, wonderful people and a fantastic supportive atmosphere, u can do it!!

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