First run for a while

Well I've had quiet a break from running and from looking after myself. Life, a shed load of excuses and a few extra pounds have taken over recently. I find once I start eating bad food and drinking too much alcohol it's very hard to stop but I behaved myself on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday I was determined to get back out there and run. I know lots of people are struggling at the moment, but I still don't understand why it's so difficult to find the time and inclination to do something you know will make you feel good, yet so easy to reach for the cake tin which you know will only add to your woes!!

Needing something uplifting I decided to go up to the beacons and headed off feeling happy to be doing something for me. The first ten minutes were great until my pathway was completely blocked by nettles, thistles and grasses that reached my shoulders so I had to stop and, instead of heading back, I climb a steep bank to get to the next path (literally hands and knees climbing), which resulted in me getting stung by nettles and getting grass arrows in my socks and trainers which had to be removed before I could go any further. I re-started on the uphill but had lost the fun at this stage, thinking of Noaky12 I had a walk, tried again, had another walk, tried again etc. etc .etc. and eventually reached the top of the hill, annoyed at myself for having stopped so many times, and feeling really drained. Noaky's been struggling recently and its her determination that made me decide to get off the sofa and I wasn't going to let her down. (Isn't it strange how we get inspired by people on this forum we have never met). From here I join the South Downs Way where the long slog up the hill was rewarded with stunning views, that got the smile back on my face together with a few welcome drops of rain to cool me down. I ran along the field, past the beacons until I reached the gate being guarded by a herd of cows then down towards the farm with sheep in the fields on both sides, as the rain turned from pleasant to heavy. Reached the down hill and no more animals so eventually let Lucy dog back off the lead. Rain shower over, I reached the valley and more long grass and nettles. At around 8km I was contentedly exhausted, soaking wet and couldn't face running another hill so I took a steady walk towards home to recover. I had already been out for a 2.5hr forest walk so not finishing the whole run was OK, at least I had been out.

Sunday, I was rewarded for my effort with pleasantly aching limbs, just enough to reassure that I had done something, but not enough to be "ouch" painful, perfect for me. If anyone else is struggling to get out and run, I say just go out and see what happens, it will make you feel better. I'm now motivated to carry on.

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  • Well done :)

    I have been one of the 'drifting away' gang too but pulled it back this week.

    You're right, it is too easy to have excuses but it feels so much better once you've gone and done it :)

    Hope the nettle stings aren't too niggly today :)

  • No the nettle stings aren't bothering me today, but they have put me off wearing shorts! :-0

  • What a super post... :) I was there with you, even the nettles..ouch!

    Lovely to just be out there and breathing in all the sweetness of nature.

    It is true, about the way in which folk inspire us. We read the posts, we watch for our friends, we read about their ups and downs and we know we are not the only ones, struggling; we read how they gather themselves up and just do it. Suddenly, there we are.. out there again ourselves, taking them with us on our runs/walks. It is truly amazing :)

    Funny, I feel strangely peaceful after reading your post, even though I am tidying out the drawers in my study!!!

    Thank you for sharing, and looking forward to your next post!

  • Thanks Oldfloss, you're another person I run with often, but I think of you when I notice beautiful things, you're my "glad to be alive" person. On Saturday Noaky was my "I'm tougher than this" person.

  • Great post & well done for sticking with it. It sounds like a tough old run on any day but especially if you ain't feeling the love at the time. I'm so glad my recent blip has acted as motivation rather than the opposite. Feel free to use me as your I'm tougher than this person anytime 😊and I'm so glad the motivation is back so quickly. ☺x

  • Yes you definitely inspire me Noaky, I've been following your progress and admire your determination, I know I love being outside running, and live in such a glorious area there should be no reason not to run. I've been out this morning and felt the love again, and I have a plan to keep me on track. I'm going to repeat the same run at the beginning of every month so I can see my progress in the very long term, comparing like for like, no excuses.

  • I'm drifting off, have really lost my mojo, reading this I really plan to get out there tomorrow. Have just asked my daughter to come with me as that will help to motivate me. I hope my run will be a little less strenuous and a little more comfortable than yours but well done for persevering and for inspiring. It sounds like a lovely place to run though.

  • It is a great place to run, with new challenges all the time! I hope just getting out there helps you too. It does get tough after graduation to motivate yourself, you just need a plan that suits you. Today, my plan was to get to the first brow of a hill that I often walk, so I had a 2 minute walk break before I reached it, and not only did I get to the first brow, I made it to the third and last brow. Little victories work for me! Next week I'll try without the pre-hill walk break. I hope you find your inspiration.

  • Great post, it felt very real. I'm inspired by other runners on here all the time and it isn't just the graduates either. One poster wrote how week after week she was repeating the same run in w3 of the programme and I thought, my goodness that woman is so gutsy and has such determination. It made me really want to have an attitude like that. I tend to throw in the towel quickly but I have been trying to change ever since reading her post.

  • I agree, I love reading the early posts where people are over-coming obstacles and learning about themselves. So inspirational.

  • Well done😊its great to draw inspiration from others posts it really does drive on the spirit when its been hidden for a bit! know what you mean about reaching for the cake tin , just too easy! I'm back on the healthy eating now after a month off it, still been running but too many meals that have been quick and easy!😕

    Glad to hear your back on track, thats alot of exercise for 1 day with the long walk too!

    Ps our needlesHM run now planned for eve of 9th July all being well 😊

  • Once I get back in the habit of eating better I actually enjoy it, it's just making the time and effort to do it, and then when I'm eating healthy I want to BE healthy so the running is easier. I'm afraid with me it seems to be all or nothing!

    The walk is a regular thing, I meet with friends in the forest (and about 7 dogs) every Saturday and Sunday, hence why I still haven't done a parkrun yet, but the walk is fun and a good chance to catch up with each other.

    9th July is marked on my calendar, and the lager and lime will be in the fridge waiting to toast with you and Paul. Good luck with the run.

  • Good for you! Now you're paying the inspiration forward!!!! Well done!

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