Killer hill?

Killer hill?

I have been planning to run up this hill for some time but made the excuse my knee was a bit niggly so avoided it! Told my husband I would climb to the summit today so my honour was at stake! Not too bad actually, just plodded and just looked about four feet ahead and I did it. In fact, I had planned a 5k run but discovered a hidden track on firm mud at the top of the hill that was great fun plus some woods X 2 and kept going to 10k. Even managed to be kind to my legs by running down the hill on the grass! Feel tired but satisfied, another goal reached LOL!

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  • Well done Joolie. It's a brilliant feeling when you've achieved a goal. Hope the knee is ok.

  • It feels a tiny bit twingy so 2 days rest from running and an easy 5k on Saturday LOL

  • Well done Julie, I was out tackling hills today too (have just posted on c25k forum). It is a very satisfying feeling isn't? Sounds like a great run🙂.

  • I will take a look and well done, great to do something challenging

  • Great stuff Joolie well done :) hope your knee is all good

  • Just a bit tender but resting now for 2 days, a nice flat easy 5k on Saturday and I should b good to go!!

  • A couple of days rest sounds great :)

  • Looks lovely- well done you. I can't imagine starting out planning to do 5k and ending up at 10k 😃

  • Bless you. I have done 10k several times before so I know I can do it. Built up from 5k very slowly increasing and I even got to a once only 13k! I was planning my long run on Saturday anyway of 10k but as I discovered a lovely firm but muddy track, I just kept plodding on. What distance are you doing right now? Even a .5 increase in distance (at a nice steady speed) is great because then psychologically u know u can do it

  • I graduated in Feb 2015 and was doing about 4k in the 30 minutes. It took me another few weeks to get to 5k and about 3 more months to get to 10k. I just seemed to "stick" there for ages though!!! This Jan and Feb have been good for me though as I've worked up to 13k. I really want to get to 16k (aka 10 miles) by the summer but we will have to see how I go ........

    Good luck with your running. Take it steady :)

  • Fantastic! I know I can do 10k and as long as my legs stay strong will be ok for my June 10k Race for Life. Then I have a half marathon in September (whoops, how did that happen)! I am thinking I would like to be able to know I have already done the HM distance by August, so just seeing how I go and inching my way up with one long run a week

  • Well done! Was that your empty beer can there? lovely after that hill! lol😀

  • Thanks! LOL, no it was not mine, terrible isn't it that people litter in the countryside plus dog owners who don't pick up the poo because it is in the country, hazardous for runners

  • Ha ha Dave ! Well done Joolie xxx

  • Very observant LOL

  • hi jools

    hills are good for you lol!!


  • I know, I just plod and plod some more! Might do it again next week, there is a muddy track in the woods at the top of the hill, then a track along a disused railway track and across fields as a reward at the end! Could be my new favourite long run place! Training for Race For Life 10k in Stamford in June and no idea what the ground is like there, want to be strong and ready!! 😀

  • jools

    yes sounds like a good test of stamina cross country will strengthen your legs and improve your running style!!


  • Brilliant... He's certainly a big one. Well done for nailing it AND for going even further... Nice work!!

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