Clanfield Challenge

Clanfield Challenge

What a day for a run in the countryside, sun was out, a cool breeze and there's me taking on the Clanfield Challenge for the first time! What a surprise when I went to pick up my number from the registration tent, the field had stalls all around and a pre race motivator getting the children warmed up before there 1 & 2k races started and loads of people mingling and chatting, it was a great atmosphere!

With the children's races over it was now time for us to line up at the start line for our 12k around the Southdowns. There was a good turn out of runners and its surprising how many people you bump into at these events. I was with a group of friends, even though we started together it wasn't long before we got separated and went at our own speeds.

The first 2-3 miles were all up hill and it was clear why the run is called a challenge, it was heaven when we reached the Southdowns Way as this was the top, fairly flat and downhill for a while. A bit of respite for a mile or so before we encountered another incline, this didn't go on for to long and was quite manageable. We ran along footpaths and around the edge of fields what a great way to spend a Sunday morning it was shear heaven and I thoughly enjoyed it!

Respite again with another downhill section and when one of the marshals says you are on the home leg I thought great but low and behold we faced another incline before we could settle for the flat run in to the finish. I bet them marshals had a little snigger to themselves. Through the finish line and picked up my medal, t-shirt and goody bag, wandered around and met up with my running friends. What a surprise from when we left this field, it now had live music playing a beer tent and food stalls in addition to what was there before, the atmosphere was great!

All in all it was a great day, I set my set a target of 1hr 15, but like a plonker forgot to switch my watch as I went through the finish line, but even when I did remember it showed 1hr 10, so I'm thrilled to bits with that. Looking forward to getting the accurate times now, will I enter this again, you betcha!

Hope Hilary and Ian did well in their respective races today and everyone else had a great weekend!

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  • That's a lovely write up Frank and Congratulation on your new 10kPB super speedy! :)

  • Thanks Ali!

  • Wow Frank...brilliant run and what a super photo too!

    The course sounds to have been fairly challenging... with lots of inclines. You just get to the top of one and have a respite..then there were more! Go you!

    I am not referring to anything as a hill from now on, after catching misswobble 's post with the clip of the hill at Bolsover!!! Listening to you experienced runners.. I need to work more on the 'inclines' ! :)

    What a lovely end to the run too... :)

  • Thank you Floss, it was a great day. Have a lovely week.

  • You too!!!

    Just heading home from the coast today after a glorious few days !

    Ran a great 6K first thing, and cycled 10 miles yesterday...we don't do bad,,, we slightly more mature folk... do we? x :)

  • No I think we do ok, I'm now in my second childhood and don't intend growing up! 😊

  • Lovely photo Frank. Sounds a great day and you conquered them thar hills πŸ™‚ Well done to you.

    I love that guy's bib number - no wonder the rest of you are giving him a wide berth πŸ˜‰

  • Ha ha, we did check the top of his head! πŸ˜‰

  • Ha ha, The Number of the Beast ! :-)

    Really Well done Frank, sounds like a lovely day and a great write up , and even more Bling for the collection ! :-) xxx

  • Great report, Frank, and what a great time for a 12K! It sounds like a tough run but you made it sound enjoyable too. It's nice that the whole day was an event too, with live music and a beer tent - wahey!! But marshalls - they lie! Ah well, I suppose they only mean to be encouraging...

    Well done!

  • Thanks Annie, it was a great day and one I will do again next year, I trust your running is going nicely, have a lovely week.

  • What a great write up Frank - sounds like a fantastic day and your love for all things hilly and trails shone though! Well done!πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Sandra, it was tough but very enjoyable.

  • Well done Frank! I also forget to stop the watch at the finish line!😁

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