It's WINTER!! Brrrrr!!

It's WINTER!! Brrrrr!!

Did an 8K club run this morning at a seaside place called Tallebudgera. Ran around the base ,of the "mountain"/headland , and along the beachfront to the next Surf Lifesaving Club abd back. It was around 10C at 7AM and everybody was freezing - by the time we got back and had some coffee/breakfast it was back up to 20C and some went in for a swim and play around with a blow -up paddle board. Too cold for me !! - but It is a nice 25C this afternoon - typical SE Qld winter weather really! :)

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  • It's a hard life Bazza, isn't it!😉

  • How awful, poor you. x

  • But truly!! - it was freezing this morning at 7AM!!!

  • 10C is NOT freezing, you big girls blouse...

  • Well why did I have to wear a jumper, gloves and a beany!! ?? :)

  • Cos you're soft - i run in vest and shorts at 10C, that's what it is here in the South of France this morning, and pouring with rain...I'm going out in a minute....

  • I don't do "running in the rain"!!!

  • Gawd, you ARE soft aintcha? XX

  • Yes !! :) :) :) it's old age !!

  • Over 10 degrees no jacket and short sleeves, under 10 degrees with a jacket that comes off after 5 mins. Only REALLY need a jacket when it's under 0C. Never run with gloves, scarf or hat (unless it's a peaked cap to keep the rain off my glasses). But obviously the temperatures are different in Oz!

  • Spring here means a few days of pleasant temperatures followed by a ridiculously hot day or so followed by rain and "cold" temperatures. Yesterday was a "cold" day so I was in long trousers, t-shirt and thin running jacket when it was 19 degrees at 8 in the morning. I have turned into a wuss. But I did ditch the jacket after 5 minutes of running :)

  • Be sure and wrap up warm, Bazza. Lots of layers is the key.

  • Ok so I'm in Scotland where 10 degrees C is positively tropical!!!! 😆

  • If you were looking for sympathy with that post you came to the wrong place Bazza! Just sayin'!!!!

  • That sea looks very invitingly warm ! Brings back memories of Crete a few years ago and the lovely warm sea!😊

  • Sharks

  • Ach bazza, when you've experienced -15 and your teeth hurt and itcfreezes inside your nose, then you'll have known true happiness - the happiness of getting back indoors.

  • Gosh Bazza, it's a good thing you were wearing gloves - frostbite is no joke!

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