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RunGo App

Have discovered this voice guided App for runners.

It is basically a GPS tracker App that gives you the usual stats - run distance, pace, cals, etc -- but it also gives voice guidance on the route you have taken. The routes either are already created or you can create your own on their webiste and dwonload them to the App in your phone

This is going to be handy for me when we go away for our monthly camping trip - I will be able to design a course to run in the new area and follow it without getting lost :)

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I could have done with this whilst on holiday last week. It certainly looks like something I'd like to try Bazza. Thanks


I have been "playing" with it today. Mostly creating routes around where I live - which is not really what it is for - but I wanted to try them out and see that they work. The route creation website is not highly intuitive and takes a bit of playing with - but I think I have got most of it worked out now. Have also looked at others routes around the World - some are created routes and some are just imported GPX files from other GPS programmes. These don't work quite so well - but they could still be useful - especially for trails.


It's better to try it out on known routes and see how accurate it is than wait for a unknown one and something to go wrong, well applied common sense there sir 😊


The thing that I had the biggest fight with - was the turn directions where it changed course ( eg one street into another) - you have to make sure the turn direction is accurate and maybe add additional notes to make the turn clear to understand. The "thought bubble" thingie is good too - this is where you can input a verbal note eg "Rose and Thorn pub on your right " - this gives confidence that it is taking you the right way.

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Oh now for one who can get lost in an empty room this looks to be most useful indeed!!


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