All terrain running!

All terrain running!

Decided to give running a 'go' today after a tight calf muscle had been sabotaging my adventuring. In my mind, it was going to be a 5k but if I was ok a slow 10k! Very pleased to report, the calf muscle was great, didn't stop me at all. I went for a "lost in the woods" adventure so I did walk several times - stung through my running tights by a huge stinging nettle, breathed in a fly (small one, soon removed), stroked an over excited leaping pug and his two friends, couple of gates to get over/through, more mud and water than I thought possible, to admire the view and finally stood under a dripping tree to shelter from a downpour! Loved EVERY minute of it. All in all, feel that "taking it easy", walking when I need to and a lovely slow running pace resulted in a fabulous running adventure today and my confidence in myself and belief I can run is restored. Couple of days rest, then a couple of slow 5ks this week will be sufficient.

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  • Great stuff! My trail looked like that today. It was very warm though. Quite tropical in fact! Glad your calf behaved itself!

    Mine didn't. Drat!!

  • I was battling through the undergrowth a lot of the time! No idea what caused my sore calf, what helped it to be better today or if the problem will return. Really knocks your confidence because it comes from nowhere and not sure how to fix it. Still, keep going out, rest when you can, drop the pace a little and if you need to walk instead of running to recover, be ok about it - we will get there because giving up - not an option 😳

  • Lovely descriptions - Sounds like a great adventure!

  • Sounds as if you're on the mend, Julie! Also sounds great fun!

  • So much fun. From what I can remember, fun, water and mud were not allowed in my childhood but at 52, I now do what I want!!

  • Gloop, glooop... it looks mudilicious ! Sounds like a great run too!

    Mud, water, rain, nettles, and a, lost in the woods adventure...Brilliant! :)

  • The best! Running rest day for 2 days now and already planning my next wildlife adventure, might go for a walk now to keep my excitement levels manageable!!

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