Dedicated to enjoying running!

Dedicated to enjoying running!

I have had a few setbacks, calf pain, dropping down to walk breaks with running and reduced distances. This morning, up early and out I went and decided I would try for a non stop 5k but to keep it nice and slow. I enjoyed running in the dark and it gave me a chance to put on my reflective vest. I slowed right down and it was reasonable, my calves were sore once but I relaxed my legs and kept going. I managed to do a non-stop 6k run and even had a cool shower just before I got home - rain is lovely at times. Hoping this is me back on track

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  • It is said that the very best exercise programme that we can do ------ is the one that we keep on doing. One thing is for sure - if we don't enjoy something we won't keep on doing it for very long!! :)

  • Hope so too Joolie..and a lovely track it is to. Glad you had a great run today. More to follow..😊

  • Sounds like a near perfect run to me. Love the pic too.

    Great stuff. Well done 👍🏅

  • Sounds a thoroughly enjoyable run - that's what it is all about!

  • I hope so too JoolieB1

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