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Running after cramp?


I had a painful leg cramp in my calf in the night, something that happens to me only a few times in a year. This morning it is still sore particularly if I extend the muscle, so standing straight is sore. I’m unsure about running on it this morning, but I don’t know the best approach. What would you experienced runners do? I recently graduated C25K so I’m quite new to this.

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Do you have a roller or roller wand? That ought to help. Though rolling with anything cylindrical will probably do the trick. I don’t know about running on it as I don’t know if cramp causes micro tears to the muscle. I hope someone else can give you more info.


I get cramp, usually on waking,but have been known to leap out of bed with it during the night I assume it’s during periods of my body not doing much other than possibly getting into an uncomfortable position in my sleep

I upped my water intake and keep a pint of water by my bed these days

I run and don’t let it bother me at all I’m no doctor of course If you feel ok otherwise then run


I get night leg cramps if I haven’t had enough salt. A bit of extra salt always resolves it for me.

I hope it settles soon. 😄


I find I suffer from weird muscle and toe cramps when I haven't been drinking enough water (which usually happens when I'm not sleeping or eating well). Ensure your drinking plenty of water during the day. If the leg feeels ok, I'd run in it (after rehydrating). If it is still sore, I'd likely take it easy for a day or so.


I agree with everyone else and recommend upping your water intake, having a little extra salt and using a foam roller. They’re useful and pretty inexpensive.

As long as you stretch plenty and take it easy, I wouldn’t have thought running would be an issue, but listen to your body. An extra rest day might be in order.

You’ve graduated you say? You didn’t claim your badge! You can still do it via one of the pinned posts on here. 😀

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