I've joined a running club!

There's a C25K at my local running club each Wednesday which is free, they don't do the program as such but it's for beginners to do stuff like warm ups, interval training, stretches, cool downs. They did a shout out to see who was doing our local 10k and my hand went up. At the end of the session I was chatting and said I hadn't joined the club as I felt I was too slow. I got told 'it doesn't matter, you're one of us now!' So I did it, and on my first 10k in just over 2 weeks I'll be wearing a running club vest!

I'm still in shock 😳

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  • Maybe not quite as much shock as I/we are !! :)

    a first run of 10K in 2 weeks time??? :)

    I would never say "don't" to you - my children ( I am now 70) used to think that I was a bit negative towards their dreams of endeavour. I used to try to say to them - " I will not say that you CAN'T climb Mt Everest - but I will ask you LOUDLY - do you know what is involved!!!" :)

    Running for a while and walking for a while works ! :) as long as it is deliberate from the very start and not just walking when you have to :)

  • Whoops! I can see why there were alarm bells going off now!

    You gave me some advice in the week about doing my 10k.

    I'm NOT on the C25K program, my daughter is. I just go there for the training. I've been doing 5k Parkruns for a couple of months now, and have started lengthening my runs, and Monday did a comfortable 7.5k slow and steady.

  • OK - so I can put my fire extinguisher down now !! :) You will be fine - just get on with it!! :)

  • Yes!!! But thank you so much for the concern. It's appreciated 😊

  • Wow! Sounds like a plan :)

    Good for you for signing up - you can always run/walk the course if you feel it's too much and adrenaline on the day will really work wonders.

  • I'm just looking to complete it, it's a mental challenge as well as physical. I have slowed my pace down considerably, so it's a stamina thing. I've cut my runing down to 3 times a week, with one long run. The next long one will be Monday, and I'll be running part of the 10k course as goes around where I live, so it's all familiar to me.

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