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Going to give the local club a go !!!


Have been enjoying doing my own thing since completing the C25K , had a friend who completed same time as me and we did Race for Life , Rainbow run and the local 10K together . We both found it useful knowing the other was doing it . She got a virus around the time we did the 10k (early October) and had not run again up till Christmas :( Anyway have kept running 3 times a week with the dog sometimes , did a charity trail run and met a lady who did the C25K , she encouraged me to do a 5 mile road run in November and bumped into her at parkrun on Saturday again. Is nice seeing a familiar face.

Went for a coffee afterwards and chatted to her with her friend , they both joined their local running club after attending their free walk/run group so they have encouraged me to try my local club( different one ) So tomorrow night is their "introduction to running " group , bought my high vis jacket on Saturday so am all ready to give it a try ! Not ran in the dark before so will be different !

Anyone else tried a group/club? I gather no pressure to join up or am I being naive ?

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Yes, see my posts! I love mine. No pressure. Just run at our own pace. I find it hard some weeks because I push myself! They're all really friendly and loads of socials too. Enjoy. X

Golddust in reply to Rlear

Thanks , only time to read a couple of your posts but am following you now so will be able to find them easier ! Only just dawned on me what RC meant ! Just off to change and will update later if not too knackered !!


I think you'll find that you'll enjoy it. You'll probably find a whole range of runners there. Don't feel intimidated if the first person you see is a speedster. There are lots of slower/social runners too. My club tends to split up into several groups so you can always find something at your pace and distance. Just remember that they may quote paces in minutes per mile and not minutes per kilometre when describing runs. Do the calculation beforehand so that you know which pace suits you. Having said that, we never leave anyone behind and will amend a route to suit the pace of the slowest runner.

I doubt that there will be pressure to join up. Whilst they are looking for future club members, no-one wants a club where half the members have been "pressganged". What you may well find, though, is that being in a club allows you to enter all sorts of events that you had never heard of. A lot of the more fun events tend to be advertised solely amongst clubs. If they can fill their entry list up via word of mouth, why bother with trying to advertise things more widely?

Golddust in reply to AdamB

Thanks , must admit have been reading their news to catch local races etc already ! Just off to get ready and hopefully will update later :)

Well I did go ! Was very busy as 1st session since new year ! Was an option to go with a faster/further group and yes was asked my pace in miles/hour !!! So I went with the other group but joined the faster group when given the option once met up on the run . Was the week that group decided to do pyromids (sp) !! So I ached all week afterwards !!! When I got back to base a lady chatted to me as if we hadn't seen each other for a while , was over 15/16 years actually !!! She has been doing the group for 18 months and not moved up to the club but is her only run a week ! The leader told me as I picked up my car keys about a strength group for 2 quid on a Monday so I went last week and was really good with I guess mainly club members . So I shall mix it up with my other activities and see how it goes !!! I did a 10k a week ago which felt fine and did 7 miles on Thursday so plan to run further again today . So feeling really positive and know these options are there without joining a club !!

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