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It's taken me ages to get back into the swing of running again. The only thing I could think of doing was join a running club with my running partner. It's taken me over a year of struggling with running just a 5k but I think I've cracked it.

It was as if the mind wanted to run but the body just didn't. Running with a club has meant that I've not been sure what route was going to be taken and no avoiding hills. Also the club runs longer distance than just 5k which has been an extra challenge and accomplished.

I want to try to get to running 10k I'm going to take it slowly. I can feel the odd creek and pain. So carefully does it.

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  • I have often thought about joining a running club but I feel too self conscious about it. I have got to 10k a couple of times and need to keep that longer distance. The running clubs here seem to run in the evening and I am such a daytime runner, I have no energy in the evenings lol. Good luck with the 5k to 10k.

  • Thank you Hdoyle. Yes our running club is in the evening but they have loads of runs organised early morning etc at the weekends. I haven't join in yet as I haven't had the time, but intend to one or two weekend through the year.

    I thought I wouldn't have the energy in the evening but have been pleasantly surprised. It has given me the motivation I needed. I'm also finding lots of different running activities locally.

  • There's quite a few running clubs near me and I'm unsure which one will suit me. I suppose I should try out a few but I'm a bit nervous of being totally outclassed!

  • That's one thing I never suffer with someone always has to be the last runner. That me at the moment. Since starting the group I can see small improvement and I still last. This time of year there are bound to be lots of newbies.

  • Good attitude πŸ˜€

  • I love my running club, I joined when I signed up for a half marathon. It is great running with others and will definitely push you out of your comfort zone.

  • I have enjoyed joining the group. Glad to hear you like your.

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