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Running with a running club :-)


This morning I ran with my local running club and it was great! Hard but very very enjoyable :-)

We did 10k but not non-stop luckily. Significant stops included going into a shop to sing Happy Birthday to another club runner and to have a group photo by a gold golf buggy on the pier!

Everyone was really friendly as well. We went down to the sea afterward because some people in the group are triathletes and they wanted to practise swimming (I paddled 😂) then we went to a cafe for coffee.

It was hot and it was fast! Easy pace to these guys was sub 6:00 all the way, a lot of the time more like 5:30. I left my watch running during all the stops which makes it look a lot more leisurely than it was! I managed to keep up until the last 1500m or so when I had to do a bit of walking then ran with a slower runner at the back. Apparently Friday runs are a bigger group with more stops so might give that one a try too though definitely not this week :-)

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Sounds like good fun. How big was the group?

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

About 10 of us. Couple of ladies were a little bit slower and we just waited for them at various points - one of them was the most phenomenal swimmer!x


Sounds amazing! Running is so much fun...

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Sutsha

Much more fun than I ever thought it was! One of the guys was trying to get me to take part in a relay race in August. They were nice and friendly - couple of them were instrumental in setting up Parkrun in the town so I'm not surprised :-)

Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to pianoteacher

I’ve not yet met an unpleasant runner.

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

Does only meeting you virtually not count? ❤❤

Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

I’ve not virtually met an unpleasant runner!

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

If we carry this on it could get really confusing. Like unknown unknowns


You 💫!! x


Sounds great PT and in the heat, well done!!

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Lorijay

It was hot! Luckily for me that meant the run was slightly slower than they normally do. Apparently it's usually 10k sub 60mins!! One of the ladies who's a bit slower said it's always ok though because they don't mind if you can't quite keep up - I think you get to take short cuts 😂😂

LorijayGraduate10 in reply to pianoteacher

Sounds like a lovely running group and really good that you're adding variety to your runs I think that's important :)

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Lorijay

The main thing that always put me off running was that I thought it would be boring. I suspect that pounding the streets alone with no goals would be for me. It was nice to chat to all the different group members on the way round although towards the end the conversations were all a bit onesided 😂

linda9389Moderator in reply to pianoteacher

Chatting? at sub 6 minutes? cor blimey! Respect! :D

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to pianoteacher

You talked? At the same time? Holy chatty running ladies, Batman...

Well done going for something new! My mind is struggling even with just thinking about the pace!! Sounds like you had an excellent time. 😊


The pier. The poor pier. The pier tbat i thought I part owned. The pier that will end up painted gold like Eastbourne. Oh my days... 😭😭

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

I hope he doesn't paint it gold but I'm council house so I do hope we get an arcade 😀


Oh what fun!!! Sounds like a great club to join!

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