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There, that's better!

I knew a kicking from Laura would get me going again! Not a great distance but it if you extrapolate times it means I'll be doing 6.5 km in under an hour. Pretty slow I know but after the last effort I'm quite encouraged as I could have run a bit more. It's also a miserable truth that if you ran twice as long you wouldn't necessarily double your distance, but I'm not going to allow reason and common sense spoil my moment 😂. Having read and watched the you tube on chi running posted the other day, I had a go at just lengthening my stride to the same beat and it blooming works! AND with significantly less effort than I had imagined! And since the whole world seems to have seen me out running, or heard about it, I think I shall just run around in the flat part of the village to build up speed at this rate, no need to hide! Then I am going to get into the habit of running, say, forty minutes three times a week to see how the distance increases. If it shows no inclination to increase (🐢!) I shall increase the time so that eventually I can run continuously for an hour. I'm quite excited at the prospect now! This feels how it did about half way through the c25k programme: you know there's loads of hard work still to do but you also know that you can do it because you've got this far! Maybe an hour three times a week is s bit heavy? It won't happen for some weeks of course. I'll just listen to my bones after the first time.

A friend of mine tells me that Epsom salt baths helps with weight loss because it draws out the toxins which lock in fat (or something) apparently top models use it. Hmmm. I haven't found Epsom salts among the luxury bath products in Boots yet, though....

Do you think racehorses use it? Epsom? Derby?

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You jest but yes, Epsom Salts is used on race horses to replace lost minerals! I only know because someone here bought theirs at an equine center, I got mine at an old fashioned chemist but if it's true about fat loss I might just buy a truck load next time.

Seriously, most people say to just increase one run a week to build up distance, and not to increase by more than 10% distance per week. There are loads of posts about this from more experienced people than me.

If you want to increase speed check out juicyju's posts about interval training, she includes a link which explains what you need to do.


Ah good idea I'll do that. I've just been looking at Old Floss's post about Strides. They look interesting too

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Thanks, I've just read that. It does sound interesting and very "doable".


Just ask misswobble or ju-ju- about Epsom salts!! I seriously think they might be on commission!!😆


I got mine from the equine shop over the road! Handy!!! You can get it from the allotment shop as well. Buying it in bulk saves money. Mine comes in a 3 kg bag, Equus Health. The stuff from the plot shop is unbleached but is just the same but doesn't look as posh in your glass jar in the bathroom

It's magnesium sulphate by the way


It's also good for raspberry canes with a magnesium deficiency. Their leaves go a bit yellow with greener veins. Like me post run! Odd colours that is


Yes, it's magnesium sulphate, also used as a supplement for horses..


You can get epsome salts from Tkmaxx, a big bag for about 3 quid!


Hey Old_trout The old saying your race your pace applies always, we all find our own paths with running and if it works for you, run with it ,sorry about the pun but it fitted ☺

I wouldn't go with an hour 3 x a week tho, yes keep the 1 "longer" I.e either distance or time and then mix the other 2 runs up , mainly to let your body recover and to keep it interesting ☺

Have to pass on the Epsom salts but ju-ju- is very much an advocate 😊


Why pass?


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