How much!!

Well now that I can comfortably run 5k, I'm looking for a new goal to build my distance. There's a 10k in July at Chatsworth which is about an hour away from me, nice surroundings what a goal to aim for, I'll get it booked - HOW MUCH!!

They want a fortune, well that's what it seems to me. £17.50 for event entry, £15.00 for the 10K then another £5.00 for parking. Is this the normal kind of entry fee? I can't justify that amount, looks like I'll be running solo for the time being and going to parkrun when I can.

Very disappointed, are there any races that are not that expensive?

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  • If they have to close roads, etc then the fees are usually high. Check out local, smaller races as these tend to be cheaper. Good luck with your goal!

  • Yes, I did a 10K here in Cambridge a few weeks ago, £25! It was £22 if you booked early... I thought it was a huge amount.

    I did the Subway 5K fun run a couple of years ago, that was £6, and I got a sandwich!

  • Hi, I wrote a similar post to this last year about the cost of a 10k at Clumber. I've just looked at this event and it is unusual as due to the proper DJ there is a cost just to attend in addition to the actual race costs. £17.50 for a 10k ( plus parking fee ) is not that much as an entry fee, it's the event fee that really pushes it up. There is the Longhorn 10k around Thoresby estate in April which I really fancy but can't do the dates for. Similar to Chatsworth on trails few hills. Early bird entry is £18 and I don't think there is a charge for parking. Looks like a great course and I have heard the medal is fab.

    I think to be fair you probably picked one of the most expensive races to look at first in Chatsworth !


    Good for searching out events :)

  • Yes! look for ones local to you. if there is a running club close by they will put up details for their runners to see. they tweet and post on facebook as well as their main site. We have two races for local scout groups. both great races 😊

    My running pal did Chatsworth last year but got fed up with the queue to get in and the expense. I only run small-field local jobs as I prefer them. they are all for good causes mind you

    We get a running booklet via jog group which lists most of the runs. they have a Web site too. it's called Run ABC

    Dronfield 10k in March, Holymoorside 10k in May and Spire 10 in July. Hardwick Hall 10k is local but great fun. Ruddy hard though 😊

  • thanks for the advice

  • Yes, RunABC Scotland is good and the running bug, they both do regular email updates of events.

  • Terrorunhas just posted about the national trust 10k . I seem to recall there are some in Derbyshire so try there.

  • I'm really new to this and was looking for motivation, something to aim for, didn't really know where to look and the Chatsworth one appeared on my Facebook page.

    The spark has been ignited, I'm looking at joining a running club...but there's 6 or so local to me so which one do I choose. Why is everything so complicated?

  • It sounds like the going price, but you're right, it does make one question the veracity of this being an inexpensive hobby. Having said that, going to the cinema, maybe also buying some sweets to bring in is also going to cost you an arm and a leg, and the 10k is far healthier. Even a cup of coffee that costs 5p to produce will easily set you back several quid if you buy it the "wrong" places.

    You're lucky that there are 6 or so running clubs locally. I have one, and I'm not convinced that I'm right for them, so I'd love to have more choice.

    Why not go visit each of them, spend a couple of weeks running with them. Normally running clubs are happy to give you a few weeks to make up your mind as to whether you want to join. Take advantage of it, and sample before picking the bestest of the best.

  • It's not complicated! having a choice of five or 6 is a better dilemma than having none. Just do some research. Ask around. One might welcome beginner runners whilst another might be for more established runners. That sort of thing

    Good hunting

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