Laid low

No running this week, out of no where struck down with some sort of lurgy on Monday, whole body ached and running a temp ..

Slightly better today but not risking any running, 1st time with anything illness wise since starting to run so can't complain really,

Maybe my curtailed run 2 weeks ago was an early warning ?

Hoping a week off will do it and be back to normal next week ☺

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  • Horrid. I hope you feel much better soon Rob!

  • Thanks Oldfloss

  • Speedy recovery Rob, and hope the time off running helps you come back even stronger :)

  • Oh our lovely Rob, poor you :-(

    Yep, take it easy this week , here have a Pug Hug (((( ))))

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Aww thanks poppypug xx

  • I had an awful tummy bug which knocked me for 6... I think there is lots going round. I hope you feel better soon...

  • Thank you ju-ju-

  • What a pain Rob. There seems to be something going around at the minute as I've heard of lots getting hit by it. A week's rest will work wonders and you'll be stronger than ever when you get back. Take care. x

  • Thanks Irishprincess x

  • Get well soon!

  • Thank you JaySeeSkinny

  • That's a bugger. Feet up until you feel fine and then take another couple of days after that. These things linger a bit even when you think you are 100%

  • Thanks Dunder2004

  • Get well soon - think you are right to rest up.

  • Yeah, rest up mate. You obviously need some R & R. It will do you good. When you feel like it, eat some good grub. Really healthy stuff. Make some chicken veg broth! It's better than medicine!

  • Thank you misswobble

  • Will be thinking of you, hope you can fight this off quickly and soon return to normal.

  • Thanks Slowstart :)

  • You'll be back to normal just as the weather picksup hopefully😊

  • Blooming hope so , weather is bliddy sh**e at moment

  • Oh Sweetie, you poor sausage. Hope you're feeling better very soon xx

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