Westonbirt 10k

Westonbirt 10k

What a wonderful place to run. So many beautiful things to look at and not concentrate on my running. Being a horticulturist by trade I was in seventh heaven. I even found myself giving a botany lesson to a guy who asked if I was ok after I let out a whoop at a very special tree 😃😃. What a Wally. I thoroughly enjoyed this run and according to Garmin finished at 48 mins and 20 secs. Two minutes faster than ever before. I will wait to get the chip time though for accuracy. Now what can I run next. X x x

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  • Blimey - super fast! Well done. Sounds lovely. I have to ask, what was special about the tree?

  • It was a Woolemi pine. Up until a few years ago thought to be extinct. It is a very beautiful tree.

  • I've just Google'd it - that is a grand looking tree. :)

  • So have I ! :-) It says it dates back to the dinosaurs ! Wow ! :-) xxx

  • Me too -fabulous :)

  • Wowee that's superspeedy indeed. Nice one ☺

  • Oooh I was thinking of you tonight Andy! That's a fabulous time! Brilliant. And yes it's a gorgeous place to run. I'm so jealous because that bling is nicer than the one I got last year!

  • Yes it was a stunning run. Perfect weather as well. Stiffening up a bit on the drive home now. Foam roller waiting at home. X x

  • Bet you can't wait 😮

  • Blimey ! Speedy... even when looking around! :)

  • Andy , that's amazing !!!! Cor, that's speedy racing whippet snake time ! :-)

    And you got to see a very special tree too, Win - Win !

    Lovely photo + lovely happy smiley face + Lovely bling ( wish I could see it close up, looks really nice ) = Result !

    Many Congratulations to you ! xxx

  • How can you have the leisure to study the trees when you're running that fast?! That's a fabulous time :)

  • Ha ha I know ! They would just be a blur at that pace ! :-) xxx

  • I'd be hallucinating - heat stroke, probably see myself surrounded by blurry Tom Hiddlestons shaking martinis

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Wowee! What a fantastic time! No wonder you look so chuffed in the photo - a fast time and all those beautiful trees!☺Well done!

  • what a great time! love that you whooped to the tree! excellent stuff andrew :)

  • Crikey that's quick!! Very well done Andy. A top time and a rare tree, what's not to like :)

  • My hubby mentioned this run to me the day before - way too late to enter! But now I know it exists it's on my radar for next year - what a lovely place to run - lucky you.

    And we'll done, what an amazing time 🏃☺🎉🏃☺🎉

  • It really was lovely. I hope to do it again next year too. I'm still chuffed and can't really believe what I did. 😃

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