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FM radio while running!!

During my LONG run yesterday, I had great success in listening to the FM radio app in my phone. It uses the earpiece wire as an antenna and hasn't been too successful around where I live. But where I ran yesterday, there must have been a very strong signal because I had no interference/fading signal , etc issues. Just happened to tune into a News and "talk back" station which actually was sufficiently interesting without having to "concentrate" too much . One reason why I don't listen to audio books is that I can't run and concentrate on a story at the same time!! :)

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Hey - that solves a problem I am having - I don't want to carry my iPhone around with me and my iPod doesn't allow offline streaming and I don't own enough music myself. My iPod does have a radio built in...

I seem to remember you said you weren't techy, well clearly that isn't true as you have just taught this professional geek a thing about tech :-).


Yes I sometimes listen to the radio on my ipod whilst iplod


Oh, very good :-).

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