Running up mountains

Running up mountains

So my Panthering along the woody trails near where I live continues.... And on Sunday I ran 8 miles which is the furthest I've run since the beginning of Summer when I had a horrible experience in Peterborough.

I'm so happy and I absolutely loved every minute of the 850 foot climb ( yes that's 850 foot of elevation or 259 metres for you metric types) and I have added a pic of my Garmin stats to prove it. It took me 1 hour 43 mins which I'm happy with given the mountains I had to climb!!! I had refreshers for fuel and I had my camel too with water etc.

Top tip- I always keep the foil blanket that you get given at the end of a race in my camel just in case I get injured and have to wait to be found as it's incredibly remote.

So ....on with marathon training and upping the mileage - I did 20 miles last week and I aim to increase that by 10% a week mostly on the long run :)

Been drooling over this lot...

Happy Panthering



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  • Well done jj, you really like a challenge don't you! As for your link ...omg! The Frozen Continent Antarctica on solid ice!! Hat's off to anyone managing to get round that one!

  • Thankyou...and yes some of those HM's look really scary!!!

  • My word those HM's are hard core!! Makes my planned attempt to run in the Chester HM next May seem a bit .... well.... girlie? I know it's in the North but as far as I'm aware there aren't any frozen lakes and I (probably) won't have to spend a couple of weeks trekking to get used to the climate. Mind you I will have to negotiate the vagaries of the UK rail system which can often be as difficult!!

  • Any run is an achievement in my book, I think the people that do those HM's must be bordering on crazy!!! Good luck with your training....

  • Love the tags on your post ha ha ! :-)

    If anyone can do it , its you Panther ! That is breath taking , you are a inspiration to us all ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou... You know I have this thing about doing the Arctic one...maybe one day!!!!

  • Yes ! A Snow Panther ! :-) xxx

  • That graph is awesomely even! You must be SO fit already. Halfs? Pah! You're well on your way to an ultra!

  • Thankyou!! I love a nice graph!!!!

  • You are incredibly inspiring! Just looking at that graph makes me anxious haha. That is so impressive.. I love reading about your quests for marathons/ultras!

  • Thankyou :)

  • I'm hiking next week with those elevations. Running up them is something else entirely. Still, it's those runs which will get you a fantastic set of lungs so you'll be able to tackle anything. Go Ju!!!!!

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